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State Reporting Release Notes

A release announcement will be posted on PowerSchool Community when the installer is available for download. Refer to 2024 State Reporting Releases for release dates.



Release Note


Ed-Fi V7: Calendars Resource Updates

A new sub entity gradingPeriodName has been added to the gradingPeriods entity in the Calendars resource in the Ed Fi V7 profile.


Ed-Fi V7 Discipline Action Resource Update

The Ed-Fi Discipline Action Resource has been updated in the v7 Ed-Fi Profile, with a new reference studentDisciplineIncidentBehaviorAssociationsReference.


Ed-Fi V7: Staff School Association Update

‘The request is invalid’ error in Staff Association has been corrected by adding reference of CalendarCode.


Ed-Fi V7: Student Grades Resource Updates

The gradingPeriodName on the Student Grades resource was passed as Null, resulting in errors. The Student Grades resource has been updated to pass the correct gradingPeriodName.


Ed-Fi V7: Contacts Resource - studentContactAssociations Update

Added studentContactAssociations to the Contacts resource for Ed-Fi v7 profile in the system. Based on the specification, the studentContactAssociations resource is now mapped to various fields such as studentReference.studentUniqueId, emergencyContactStatus, primaryContactStatus, relationDescriptor, and livesWith.


Ed-Fi V7: Contact Resource Update

A new resource Contact has been added in the Ed-Fi V7 profile. Various fields such as contactUniqueId, personalTitlePrefix, firstName, lastSurname, middleName, generationCodeSuffix, sexDescriptor, contactAddress, contactElectronicMail, and contactTelephone have been mapped to the corresponding fields in the system.


Ed-Fi V7: Organization Info Resource - Schools Mapping Update

This updates mapping for Schools entity in the Organization Info resource in the Ed-Fi v7 profile. Schools will be published based on the defined resource instead of being downloaded as in the previous version.

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