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State Reporting Release Notes

A release announcement will be posted on PowerSchool Community when the installer is available for download. Refer to 2023 State Reporting Releases for release dates.



Release Note


All States/Provinces: Enhanced UI - CRDC Data Entry Link Updates

The Enhanced UI is now updated and the CRDC data entry links are now available at these new navigations:

  • District-Level: District Management, Compliance, CRDC

  • School-Level: District Management, District Setup, School Info, [Select School]

  • Course-Level: District Management, Courses & Programs, Courses, [Select Course]

  • Course-Level: School Management, Courses & Programs, Courses, [Select Course]

  • Section-Level: School Management, Courses & Programs, Course Sections, [Select Section]

  • Student-Level: [Select Student], Compliance

  • Staff-Level: [Select Staff], Compliance


All States/Provinces: Enhanced UI - Ed-Fi/SIF Dashboard Link Update

The Enhanced UI is now updated and the Ed-Fi/SIF Dashboard links are now available.

Navigation: Data & Reporting, Data Management, Data Exchange, [Select Profile]

This Ed-Fi/SIF Dashboard is only accessible if the Data Exchange (DEX) plugin is enabled.


All States/Provinces: Update School-Level Report Filters Page Update

The Update School-Level Report Filters page has been updated and now has a Run Filters button. After the Run Filters button is selected, the filters are refreshed and the end user receives a notification stating that the “Changes have been recorded.”


Ed-Fi: Request To Publish Inactive Student Records Based on Conditions

Modified Students, Assessment, and Student Assessments resources to publish inactive students from previous years, whenever any changes are made for the Students Not Tested, Dropout Monitoring, and CTE pages during the current term.


Ed-Fi: Student Language Instruction Program Associations Resource

The Ed-Fi Student Language Instruction Program Associations Resource is updated. Begin Date mapping is changed from S_SC_STU_X.Init_TestDat+e+ to Students.EntryDate.


SCDE Ed-Fi Student Education Organization Associations Resource

Student Demographics resource logic has been updated to include the following new Indicators: Directory Information Opt-Out, Military Recruiting Information Opt-Out, and Next School Indicator.


Student Race and Other Indicators Not Published When Publish All From the School/District Dashboard

Updated the Ed-Fi resource, studentEducationOrganizationAssociation's logic to handle duplicate dates in the Indicators array. This prevented race and other indicator fields from publishing and is fixed now.

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