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State Reporting Release Notes

A release announcement will be posted on PowerSchool Community when the installer is available for download. Refer to 2023 State Reporting Releases for release dates.



Release Note


All States/Provinces: ReportWorks Startup Time Update

The ReportWorks/SRP config files have now been modified to be called only through the re-initialization cycle. This improves the SRP startup times and avoids previously reported failures.


All States/Provinces: State Validation Tab Visible for All States

The State Validation tab that was introduced in SR 22.12.2 in error is now removed from the System Reports area of PowerSchool.


All States/Provinces: Student Incident Profile Report Update

Incident Profile Report: Version 1.3

The Incident Profile report has been updated and no longer duplicates incident data.


Ed-Fi: Homeless Resource from Program

The studentHomelessProgramAssociations resource now publishes student data based on [S_SC_STU_X]night_residence if it is not null. These data were not previously publishing.


Ed-Fi: Program Type Descriptors Update

New program type descriptors added under the Programs resource.


Ed-Fi: Staff Type of Substitute or Substitute Teacher Does Not Publish

staffSchoolAssociation resource updated to publish all types of Staff (i.e., staff type) including substitutes. Previously it was only publishing staff types 1 and 2.


Ed-Fi: Title1PartA Resource from Program

studentTitleIPartAProgramAssociations resource updated to publish students when [S_SC_STU_X]Title1MathInd or S_SC_STU_X.Title1ReadInd or S_SC_STU_X.Title1AsstTypeCode is not null. These data were not previously publishing.


Ed-Fi: ESOL - studentLanguageInstructionProgramAssociations Resource

studentLanguageInstructionProgramAssociations Ed-Fi resource updated to publish ESOL based on substring(S_SC_STU_X.Engl_Prof,1,1) not in ('8', '9'). These data were not previously publishing.


Ed-Fi: Publish Special Education

Program resource publishes Special Education for student records whose [S_SC_STU_X]InstrSetting is not null. These data were not previously publishing. programTypeDescriptors are also updated.


Ed-Fi: Student Grades Publishing Issues and Errors (Dev Assist)

The issues with publishing student Grades resource are fixed. This should allow more records to publish.


Ed-Fi: Staff Demographics Are Stuck In Dependency On Staff Unique ID

staffDemographics dependencies on Staff unique ID have been fixed. This should allow more records to publish.


Ed-Fi: Staff Education Organization Assignments Association Resource Updates

staffEducationOrganizationAssignmentsAssociation resource modified to include the following staff type for staffClassification Descriptors ( 1 - 'Teacher', if record exists in SectionTeacher then 'Teacher', 2 - 'Staff', 3 - 'Lunch Staff', 4 - 'Substitute Teacher', 0 - 'Not Assigned'.)

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