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State Reporting Release Notes

A release announcement will be posted on PowerSchool Community when the installer is available for download. Refer to 2022 State Reporting Releases for release dates.



Release Note

PSSR-282157All States/Provinces: Health Info Report - Student Contacts Update

Health Info Report: Version 1.1

The report is now updated to pull the data from Student Contacts.

PSSR-300101All States/Provinces: New - Digital Equity & Learning Preference Search

A new “Digital Equity & Learning Preference Search” link is added to the special functions page and will allow users to search for Digital Equity & Learning Preference records using configurable filters.

PSSR-274766All States/Provinces: Report Works Startup Updates

The config files have been modified and are now only called through the re-initialization cycle. This will improve SRP startup times and avoid previously reported failures.

PSSR-275058All States/Provinces: Sub Teachers Portal Honors the Pref "Prevent Attendance Page Submit If Blank"

When the "Prevent Attendance page submit if blank attendance is used (PowerTeacher)" pref is checked on the Attendance Preferences page on the admin portal, the Sub Teacher is not able to submit attendance if blank attendance is used for Single day attendance and Seating Chart.

PSSR-298048Ed-Fi Locations Resource

The dependency between Sections and Locations classroomIdentification Code has been removed.

PSSR-284094Ed-Fi: Assessment Resource

Now, you are able to publish the Assessments resources successfully without any errors. Records will be displayed from ‘Students Not Tested' and 'CTE Certification’ grids.

PSSR-284097Ed-Fi: SCDE Programs Resource

Program resource implemented as per SCDE requirements.

PSSR-284100Ed-Fi: SCDE Student Program Associations Resource

Student Program Association resource has been implemented as per SCDE requirements.

PSSR-293986Ed-Fi: Summer School IDs Will be Truncated

For Summer Schools, the School ID will be DIST ID+ Truncate (SummerSchoolID for first three characters).

PSSR-295150Incident Management Changes
  • WPI (Withdrawal Prior to Intervention)
    • Renamed both subcodes: WPS (Withdrawal Pending in School Suspension) and Other with prefix Do Not Use.
    • Added a new subcode same as action code to allow modification of the action code.
  • WPA (Withdrawal Prior to Action)
    • Add 2 subcodes: WIS – In School Suspension and OTH – Other
PSSR-300559New Name for School 5205003

SCDE request as per requirement is the name change for 5205003 in the Move to School dropdown list on the state student page. New name - Govenor’s School for Agriculture at John de la Howe.

PSSR-300560Not Tested on State Assessment Page Test Category and School Year ID Changes
  1. Disabled English 1 and English 1 writing options if Test Category is Middle/High School End-of-Course.
  2. Added a school year column to the Students Not Tested section of the page. The new column displays the school year associated with the YearID stored in the table.
PSSR-299867SC Student Information Page Changes

Made the following changes to the Student Information Page.

  • Created new section 'Earned'
  • Added below new fields/renamed fields to the section
    • Diploma Earned
    • Employability Credential Earned
    • Graduation Date
    • Employability Credential Date
    • Award Earned
  • Created tables and fields for Diploma Pathways Seals of Distinction and SC Seal of Biliteracy.
PSSR-298310SCDE Ed-Fi: Transcripts Clear History Resource Change

Transcripts Resource will publish only the current year and the previous 3 years of historical grades to capture a full cycle for high school students.

PSSR-300564SCDE Student MLP Page Changes

Made following changed to the MLP Page.

  1. Following fields and labels are removed from the MLP Page.
    • Accountability and Immigrant Funding Exceptions
    • Exception From Assessment Accountability – 1 Year
  2. Removed the business rules and the automatic message the prompts users to save the page.
    1. The Exception From Assessment Accountability, 1 Year and Immigrant Funding
    2. Exception From Assessment Accountability when US School Entry Date is one year or less
    3. Exception from US School Entry Date is 3 years or less
PSSR-297506Student Information Page Changes
  1. Added 24 – 2023 - 2024 to the Ninth grade Code dropdown list.
  2. Added 2023 to the GED Earned dropdown list.
  3. Removed the following read-only options from the Seeking Diploma Type (for Transcript) dropdown list:
    • G – State of SC Diploma AND Employability Credential
    • H – State of SC Certificate
  4. Removed the following read-only options from the Diploma Earned:
    • G – State of SC Diploma AND Employability Credential
    • H – State of SC Certificate
  5. Removed the read-only ‘Scholarship Ordered’ label and field.
  6. School/District changes are implemented as per the acceptance criteria.
  1. Diploma/Credential Earned field renamed to Diploma Earned.
  2. Diploma/Credential Type (for Transcript) field renamed to Seeking Diploma Type (for Transcript).
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