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State Reporting Release Notes

A release announcement will be posted on PowerSchool Community when the installer is available for download. Refer to 2022 State Reporting Releases for release dates.



Release Note

PSSR-282068All States/Provinces: CRDC 2020-2021 Report: Common PDF Template Updates

The CRDC 2020-2021 Report common PDF template is updated to correct various spelling errors and item label updates.

PSSR-281432CRDC 2020-2021 Report: Common Submission Files Update 

The common (across all states) CRDC 2020-2021 Report's school submission files will no longer insert an extra carriage return or add extra columns under certain data scenarios.


CRDC 2020-2021 Report: Sub-District Validation Improvement

The CRDC 2020-2021 Report is updated to display an informational message in the District (LEA) PDF file letting administrators know when required sub-district setup elements are missing.

PSSR-282174CRDC 2020-21 (Common): Class Audit File Update - Teacher Number

The CRDC 2020-21 Report template Class Audit file (Teacher Number) column is updated to pull teacherNumber instead of ID.

PSSR-282173CRDC Common Data Collection: Courses and Sections Pages Updates - Advanced Placement (AP) Subject Area

The AP Subject Area of ‘OT - Other’ is re-enabled on Courses and Section pages.
The SC CRDC report includes courses that are flagged as OT in the AP Course counts for collection items APIB-4 and APIB-6.

PSSR-277999Daily Attendance Validation Report Producing Multiples of the Same Error for the Same Students

SC48 Daily Attendance Validation report: Version 1.0.4

The Daily Attendance Validation report no longer produces the same error multiple times for a student.

PSSR-270987Ed-Fi: Student Assessment Resource

 The Student Assessment Resource is created for publishing in the ED-FI dashboard.

PSSR-277406SCDE State Installer Incident Management Change
  • A new sub-code, STN - Student(s) has been added for the Behavior code: 27- Threat.
  • Student(S)^ is the value displayed on the Incident Management page and STN is the value stored in the database.
PSSR-263106User Cannot Update the End Date of the Oldest EFA Record for Students

Users are able to edit EFA records when overlapping dates are not provided. The system displays an error when the user has provided overlapping dates.

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