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State Reporting Release Notes

A release announcement will be posted on PowerSchool Community when the installer is available for download. Refer to 2020 State Reporting Releases for release dates.



Release Note

PSSR-251600Additional Student Information Page Changes

Addition of “Diploma Pathways Seals of Distinction” field under “Diploma Earned” Field. Users have the ability to select multiple Values.

Addition of “Specialization Area” field under “Award Earned” Field. Users have the ability to select multiple Values and this field is shown only when the “Diploma Pathways Seals of Distinction” has “SPEC-Specialization Seal” Selected.

PSSR-248914Clock In/Clock Out Report Update

Clock In / Clock Out Report: Version: 1.1

The Clock In/Clock Out Report has been updated and will report multiple Time In and Time Out values, on a single day, if they exist.

PSSR-244300Contact Tracing Report Update - Incident Management Data Grouping

Contact Tracing Report Version: 1.3

The Contract Tracing report is updated and now pulls data from Incident Management. When this data grouping is selected, the following points will be extracted:

  • Name
  • Student/Staff Indicator
  • Student Number
  • Grade Level
  • School Abr
  • Incident Date
  • Incident ID
  • Incident Title
  • Incident School Abr
  • Contact Name
  • Phone Number
PSSR-253216EFA History Displays Different Grade Level And Student Number

On the EFA History page, each student's EFA ID now matches correctly with their student DCID. Previously, some students had an incorrect match between their EFA IDs and their student DCIDs.

PSSR-245564SC State Reporting Queries Impacting Performance -

To improve performance, added indexes to the S_SC_STU_EFA_History_C and S_SC_STU_EIA_History_C tables.

PSSR-249602SC10 District Summary Report Update

SC10 District Summary Report: Version 1.5

District Summary Report is updated and the report now runs at the District Office when the New Experience Interface Feature is enabled.

PSSR-227133SC27 Add-On Weightings List 1.1.2 - Performance Issues

SC27 Add-On Weightings List: Version 1.1.3

Optimized the report performance to run faster.

PSSR-233619SC27 Add-On Weightings List Update

SC27 Add-On Weightings List: Version 1.1.5

The SC27 Add-On Weightings List now extracts dual credit records for students with at least 30 days duration.

PSSR-230846SC27 Add-On Weightings List Update

SC27 Add-On Weightings List: Version 1.1.4

The SC27 Add-On Weightings List is updated to generate correct information for high achieving students who changed grades mid-year.

PSSR-232723SC27 Add-On Weightings List: Does Not Pull Semester 2 Dual Credit Classes

SC27 Add-On Weightings List: Version 1.1.5

The report now pulls the correct count for Dual Credit Classes for Semester 2.

PSSR-237832SC38 Chronic Absenteeism School Report Displays Incorrect Data for No Show Student

Report: SC38 Chronic Absenteeism School Report: Version 1.1.4

When running this report at the school where a student was a No Show (but subsequently had chronic absences at another school), the report for the No Show school gives incorrect data, with an inflated Absence Percentage (over 100%). The report has been corrected to exclude any student who had no membership days at that school ("No Show").

PSSR-243873Student Birthday List Report Update

The list of students will now be returned if the user enters a start and end date that span multiple years.

PSSR-224116Updates for Reduction in Unwanted Database Hits

Invalid use of TLIST_SQL to access values from the Prefs table was causing unwanted database hits. The TLIST_SQL query has been removed and the cached values are loaded using PS-HTML tags to avoid unwanted database hits.

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