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State Reporting Release Notes

A release announcement will be posted on PowerSchool Community when the installer is available for download. Refer to 2020 State Reporting Releases for release dates.



Release Note

PSSR-242958Additional Student Information Page Changes

The following changes to the Student Information page are available :

  • Schools added, modified, and removed for the Moved to School field.
  • Added new dropdown field for capturing Decimal Value for ELP Score.
  • Removed “P3” values for ELP Score and disabled values per SCDE requirements.
  • Validations updated.
PSSR-245704CTE Page - Certified Administered Values Update

The following updates to the Certified Administered option are available on the CTE page.

  • Updated: A43 - ACF Retail Commercial Baking
  • Added: 426 - Certified Fundamentals Pastry Cook™ (CFPC™)
PSSR-240179Early Childhood Process Initialization

A new report for early childhood process initialization is available. The Early Childhood Process Initialization report processes the students who are enrolled at any time in the current school year. The enrollment status field will be used to determine which students are included, using the enroll_status flag as follows:

  • enroll_status=-1, (pre-registered)
  • enroll_status=0, (active)
  • enroll_status=2, (transferred out)

For these students, the process clears the following fields:

  • Early Childhood Placement (EC_EarlyChildPlaceCode)
  • Family Literacy Services (EC_FamilyLiteracySrvcs)
  • Head Start (EC_HeadStartInd)
  • Family Literacy Years(child participation) (EC_YrsFamilyLitSrvcs)
  • Class Curriculum (EC_ClassCurrCode)
  • Income Range (EC_FamilyIncRangeCode)
  • Days per Week Served (DaysServed_PerWeek)
  • Tuition paid by Parent/Guardian (EC_TuitionPayer)
PSSR-245703New Field - Demographics Page

Added a new field, Multiple Birth, to the South Carolina-specific Demographic page.

Additionally, the new field is added to the S_SC_STU_X table.

  • Field Name: Multiple_Birth
  • Data Type: Varchar(1)
PSSR-242961New Fields - ELP_Paper and Tier Added to Precode PageTwo new fields, ELP_Paper and Tier, are added under the South Carolina State Information section on the Precode page.
PSSR-242962New Fields - ELP_Paper and Tier Added to SC26 Precode Initialization Report

SC26 Precode Initialization: Version 1.7

Two new fields, ELP_Paper and Tier, are added to the SC26 Precode Initialization report.

PSSR-247225SC42 Truancy District Detail Report

SC42 Truancy District Detail: Version 1.0.3

You no longer receive a "This report runs for only district level." validation message when the report runs at the district level when the new user experience is enabled.

PSSR-248172SC43 Truancy List - Update

SC43 Truancy List: Version 1.2

Cross-site scripting error no longer appears when clicking 'Make these students the current selection' in the Truancy List.

PSSR-242527SC Sections Page UpdateThe SC Sections page is updated to fix the issue of the page getting stuck on the loader when removing a co-teacher from the section.
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