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Special Programs - Required

The following codes must be defined at the district level.


Qualifies as a special education program

Include in Quick Lookup

21ST01-21st Century 1st Year in Pgm



1ST02-21st Century 2nd Year in Pgm



21ST03-21st Century 3rd Year in Pgm



21ST04-21st Century 4th Year in Pgm



21ST05-21st Century 5th Year or More in Pgm



ALTPES-Alternative Pgm – Elementary School



ALTPHS-Alternative Pgm – High School



ALTPMS-Alternative Pgm – Middle School



CDEP01-CDEPP Pgm Current Yr



CRED07-Credit Recovery Pgm 7th Grade



CRED08-Credit Recovery Pgm 8th Grade



CRED09-Credit Recovery Pgm 9th Grade



CRED10-Credit Recovery Pgm 10th Grade



CRED11-Credit Recovery Pgm 11th Grade



CRED12-Credit Recovery Pgm 12th Grade



ELLI01-ESL Pull-Out Class



ELLI02-ESL Class Period



ELLI03-ESL Push-In



ELLI04-ESL Newcomer Program



ELLI05-ESL Sheltered Content-Based Pgm



ELLI06-ESL Structured Immersion



ELLI07-ESL Mainstream with Accommodations



ELLI08-ESL Mainstream without Accommodations



ELLI09-ESL Monitored



ESOL01-ESOL Svc <1 Year



ESOL02-ESOL Svc >1 but <2 Years



ESOL03-ESOL Svc >2 but <3 Years



ESOL04-ESOL Svc >3 but <4 Years



ESOL05-ESOL Svc >4 but <5 Years



ESOL06-ESOL Svc >5 but <6 Years



ESOL07-ESOL Svc >6 but <7 Years



ESOL08-ESOL Svc >7 but <8 Years



ESOL09-ESOL Svc >8 but <9 Years



ESOL10-ESOL Svc >9 but <10 Years



ESOL11-ESOL Svc >10 but <11 Years



ESOL12-ESOL Svc >11 but <12 Years



ESOL13-ESOL Svc >12 but <13 Years



ESOL14-ESOL Svc 13 or More Years






HWKC01-Homework Center <15 Days



HWKC02-Homework Center 15 or More Days



Montessori Program (within a school)



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