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SC Incident Management Query

See Incident Management Query for information about running the SC Incident Management Query from Start Page > System Reports > State page.

This function consists of two processes.

  • The user runs a query to identify particular incident information based on incident management data, student demographic information, and/or EFA codes that returns the list of incidents based on the criteria.
  • From the list of incidents, the user can export the records to a file with particular data about the incidents including EFA information.

Users search for incidents based on incident data, student data, and/or EFA codes and get a list of incidents that meet the criteria, and export data about those incidents.

Note: This process is run at the school level and not the district. The data being searched is based on the data in the term selected in PowerSchool.
When the Term is set to a Term that is not in the latest school year for which an End of Year process has been completed, the Student Search Criteria fields Homeroom and all of the State Fields should not be used as Incident Search Criteria. The data stored in these fields reflect the student's current status which may be different than the status at the time of the incident. Similarly, if these fields are included in the extract they will also reflect the student's current status which may be different than the status at the time of the incident. When the search is run, the Grade Level reflects the grade level of the student on the date of the incident. The Enroll Status displays if the last enrollment record for the student is for the school year being processed. Otherwise, it is blank as the enroll status is not stored on the re-enrollment record.

Important points for using the search criteria are:

  • You may enter criteria to narrow the number and types of incidents. Student Search Criteria allows you to select from a pre-defined list of base PowerSchool fields and if State Field is chosen, then a list of pre-defined South Carolina specific fields appear for selection as search criteria.
  • If no criteria are entered on this page, all incidents in the currently selected school and for the currently selected school year will be included in the data set returned, including incidents that are not attached to students or teachers.
  • If 'AND' is selected between fields, then all statements would have to be true for an incident to be included in the search results.
  • If 'OR' is selected between fields and any one criteria is true for an incident, then the incident will be included in the search results.
  • If searching by Incident Type, the relational operator must be "contains" to return any results.
  • To limit to active students, Enroll_Status must be one of the search criteria. Then choose '=' as the operator and 'Active' in the Value dropdown.
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