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S_SC_STU_Truancy_Detail_C (ver 17.12.1)

This table is a child of the Students table.

Column Name


Data Type





A foreign key that relates the extended table to the [Students] table.

Att_Date17.12.1DateThe date of attendance.
Date_Updated17.12.1DateThe date the update process was last run.
Daily_Early_Dismissal_Count17.12.1Number(11,0)The number of early dismissals.
Daily_Dismissal_Count17.12.1Number(11,0)The number of dismissals.
Daily_Excused_Absent_Value17.12.1Number(11,0)The number of full-day absences that are excused.
Daily_OSS_Absent_Value17.12.1Number(11,0)The number of full-day absences that are out of school suspension days.
Daily_Tardy_Count17.12.1Number(11,0)The number of tardies.
Daily_Absent_Value17.12.1Number(11,0)The total number of full-day absences (includes excused, unexcused, and OSS).
Daily_Unexcused_Absent_Value17.12.1Number(11,0)The number of full-day absences that are unexcused.
SchoolId17.12.1Number(11,0)The school number associated with the student when truant.
YearId17.12.1Number(11,0)The term year ID for the truancy.
Daily_UEDM_Count18.8.0Number(11,0)The number of unexcused early dismissals (attendance code SC-UEDM).
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