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This table is an extension of the Students table. This table provides Graduation Planning Worksheet Data.

Column Name


Data Type


Country16.3.0VarChar2(5)The country that the student is emigrating to.   [Migrated from Students.SC_Grad_Country].
Data_Entry_Initials16.3.0VarChar2(10)The initials of the person putting the student's record into PowerSchool.  [Migrated from Students.SC_Grad_DataEntryInitials].
Date_Of_Death16.3.0DateThe date the student was deceased.   [Migrated from Students.SC_Grad_Date_Of_Death].
Date_Of_Enroll_Request16.3.0DateDate of the Enroll Request. [Migrated from Students.SC_Grad_RFR_On_File].
Date_Of_RFR16.3.0DateDate the request for records was made to the sending school.  [Migrated from Students.SC_Grade_Date_of_RFR].
Date_RFR_Received16.3.0DateDate that the request for records is received.  [Migrated from Students.SC_Grad_Date_RFR_Received].
Deceased_Letter_On_File16.3.0VarChar2(1)Indicates if a letter is on file on school letterhead confirming the death of the student.   [Migrated from Students.SC_Grad_Deceased_Student_Letter_On_File].
Deceased_Student_Comments16.3.0VarChar2(4000)Any additional information on the deceased.   [Migrated from Students.SC_Grad_Deceased_Student_Comments].
Emigration_Info_Source16.3.0VarChar2(1)Indicated the source of information about the transfer out and emigration.   [Migrated from Students.SC_Grad_Emigration_Info_Source].
Grad_Rate_Status_Comments16.3.0VarChar2(4000)Comments about the student's graduation rate status.  [Migrated from Students.SC_Grad_Graduation_Rate_Status_Comments].
OnTime_Year16.3.0VarChar2(11)The year of the student's on-time graduation. [Migrated from Students.SC_Grad_Ontime_Grad_Year].
Parent_Contact_Date16.3.0DateIndicates the date that the parent was contacted about the emigration.   [Migrated from Students.SC_Grad_Parent_Contact_Date].
Parent_Contact_Letter_On_File16.3.0VarChar2(1)Indicates if a letter is on file confirming that the contract was made with the parent.   [Migrated from Students.SC_Grad_Parent_Contact_Letter_On_File].
Program_Type_On_RFR16.3.0VarChar2(1)Indicates the program type that is on the request for record.  [Migrated from Students.SC_Grad_Program_Type_On_RFR].
Retain_Letter_On_File16.3.0VarChar2(1)Indicates if a letter is on file confirming that the student was retained.  [Migrated from Students.SC_Grad_Retain_Letter_On_File].
RFR_On_File16.3.0VarChar2(1)Indicates if the request for transfer is on file. [Migrated from Students.SC_Grad_RFR_On_File].
RFR_Received16.3.0VarChar2(1)Indicates if the request for records has been received.  [Migrated from Students.SC_Grad_RFR_Received].
RFR_Schl_Offer_Both_ProgTypes16.3.0VarChar2(1)Indicates if the school the student is transferring to offers both diploma and non-diploma program types.  [Migrated from Students.SC_Grad_RFR_School_Offers_Both_Program_Types].
RFR_School16.3.0VarChar2(100)The name of the school that the student transferred to.  [Migrated from Students.SC_Grad_RFR_School].
RFR_School_Location16.3.0VarChar2(1)Indicates if the student is transferring to an in-state school or not.  [Migrated from Students.SC_Grad_RFRSchool_Location].
RFR_School_Type16.3.0VarChar2(1)The type of school that the student is transferring to.  [Migrated from Students.SC_Grad_RFR_School_Type].

Indicates if a request for records displays the Diploma Program Type.  [Migrated from Students.SC_Grad_RFR_Shows_Diploma_Type].


Foreign Key


Indicates if the student is counted in the denominator in calculating the graduation rate status.   [Migrated from Students.SC_Grad_Student_Should_Be_In_Denominator].


Indicates if the student is counted in the numerator in calculating the graduation rate status.   [Migrated from Students.SC_Grad_Student_Should_Be_In_Numerator].


Indicates if the transcript is on file.  [Migrated from Students.SC_Grad_Transcript_On_File].


Comments appropriate for the request for records and/or the transcript.  [Migrated from Students.SC_Grad_Transfer_In_Comments].


Comments appropriate for the student's transfer or withdrawal documentation.  [Migrated from Students.SC_Grad_Transfer_Out_Comments].


Select one of the options that describe the transfer out or withdrawal type.   [Migrated from Students.SC_Grad_Transfer_Out_Type].


Indicates if the request is on file. [Migrated from Students.SC_Xfer_RFR_On_File].

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