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PowerSchool SIS

Use PowerSchool Administrator Help to learn about the PowerSchool Student Information System (SIS), to serve as a reference for your daily work, and to assist you in navigating through the system. For the most up-to-date information, click Help and select System Help on any page in PowerSchool.

PowerSchool Data Dictionary

The PowerSchool Data Dictionary provides a comprehensive list of all the PowerSchool database tables and views, including Reporting Views, SIS Views, PowerSchool Tables, and PowerTeacher Gradebook Tables. To access, click Help and select Data Dictionary on any page in PowerSchool.

Release Notes

To learn more about a specific release, see the release notes. Release notes are available in the PowerSchool online help. To access, click Help and select System Help on any page in PowerSchool, and then click Release Notes and locate the version of PowerSchool you would like to read about.

About South Carolina State Reporting

School funding in South Carolina is based, in part, on two acts:

  • Education Finance Act (EFA)
  • Education Improvement Act (EIA)

School funding is partly based on students’ EFA classifications. Under the EFA, funding is weighted according to membership in certain types of programs. For example, students enrolled in programs designed to overcome learning disabilities are funded at a higher rate than students in general programs.

The EIA provides funding for expenditures on programs such as Advanced Placement and Gifted and Talented classes. A student is assigned an EIA code if they are enrolled in a designated program. A student may have no EIA codes, or as many as 10 EIA codes. As with EFA codes, school funding is based partly on how many students have each EIA code on the 45th and 135th school day of each school year.

To accurately determine your school district’s funding, you must enter the self-contained Class and the EFA and EIA codes into student records. You must validate these entries against three tables provided by the South Carolina Department of Education:

  • EFA Codes/Grades
  • EFA/EIA Compatibility
  • EIA Codes/Grades

South Carolina Resources

The following resources provide additional information for South Carolina state reporting:

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