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S_RI_REN_X (ver 17.1.0)

This table is an extension of the ReEnrollments table.

Column Name


Data Type


ReEnrollmentDCID17.1.0Number(10.0)Foreign Key.
Enrollment_Type17.1.0Varchar2(5)Describes the student's enrollment with the district/school.
Homeless17.5.0Varchar2(5)Identifies the homeless status of the student.
Home_School20.8.2.0Varchar2(10)Identifies the student's home school, if Tuition is set to Y.
IEP_Status17.1.0Varchar2(5)Identifies IEP status of the student.
Immigrant17.5.0Varchar2(5)Identifies if the student meets the definition of an immigrant.
LEP_Status17.5.0Varchar2(5)Identifies the limited English proficiency status of a student.
Section_50417.5.0Varchar2(5)Identifies the Section 504 status of a student.
State_Grade_KGPK17.1.0Varchar2(4)Identifies PreK and Kindergarten full- or part-time status of the student.
Tuition17.1.0Varchar2(5)Identifies if the student is out-placed to another school.
Tuition_School17.1.0Varchar2(10)Identifies the school, if Tuition is set to Y.
Vocational_Ed_Status17.1.0Varchar2(5)Identifies student participation in Vocational Education.
Vocational_School17.1.0Varchar2(10)Identifies the Vocational School, if Vocational_Ed_Status is set to Y.

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