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Unexcused Tracking Methods - District Setup

Unexcused tracking methods must be set up exactly as described below.

  1. Sign in to the District Office.
  2. Under District, click Setup. The District Setup page appears.
  3. Under Attendance, click Attendance Tracking and Notification. The Attendance Tracking and Notification page appears.
  4. Click Unexcused Levels.
  5. For Level Name, enter Unlawful.

    The Level Name must be entered as "Unlawful".

  6. For Tracking Method, choose Percent.
  7. Click the green plus sign and for Trigger 1, enter 6. (As per the PIMS manual, the value for the Trigger must be 6.)


Value Required

Level Name


It is required to enter Unlawful as given.


Tracking Method



Trigger 1


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