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State Reporting Release Notes

A release announcement will be posted on PowerSchool Community when the installer is available for download. Refer to 2022 State Reporting Releases for release dates.



Release Note

PSSR-3028722022-23 Additional PIMS Updates

Student Template/Snapshot: Version 5.7

  1. A new code value is added for Field 91: Diploma Code Type on the Student Template tab.  The new value is 826 - Keystone Diploma
  2. The Student Template Report is updated to have code value M for Field 212: PSSA / PASA Assessment greyed out.
  3. Code value M for Field 212: PSSA/PASA Assessment is greyed out on the student Assessment pages.

PSSR-3029262022-23 Staff Assignment Code Updates

When navigating to the Staff Assignment staff page, the below changes are reflected:

  1. The assignment codes are updated to include the new codes for the 2022-2023 submission year.
    1. 8416- Science, Staff Coach
    2. 9220- Special Ed, Staff Coach
    3. 9997- Other, Staff Coach (Not Math, Literacy, Science, or Special Education)
    4. 9206- Hearing Impaired, Elementary
    5. 9207- Hearing Impaired, Secondary
    6. 9292- Visually Impaired, Elementary
    7. 9293- Visually Impaired, Secondary
  2. Existing Code “123” is updated to “2123” and the assignment description remains the same.
  3. The segregation of codes as Non Certified and Certified Staff Assignment are removed. All codes are now in a single grouping and remain arranged in alphabetical order.
  4. The duplicate listing for “9970” is removed.

PSSR-296145Homeless Report Update-RE: 2022-2023

Homeless Report RE: Version1.8

The Homeless report is updated to generate a template for the selected students to include the new data elements required for 2022-23. 

The following columns/logic is added:
PA_Secure_ID - If the student has no PA Secure ID, the local student number is used
Gender - recognition of Unknown
AUN_of_Current_Enrollment - New
Building_Number_of_Current_Enrollment - New
Current_Grade_Level - Extracts from new override field
Tutor, Expedited, Referrals, Transportation, Early Programs/Participation Assist, Mentor Programs, Record Transfer, School Agency Coor, Counseling, Domestic V, Clothing, Supplies, Other Prog Referral, Emergency, and Other Svc are all separated into individual columns to indicate service source.
RecordError - New
User_ID - New
Region - New
County - New

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