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State Reporting Release Notes

A release announcement will be posted on PowerSchool Community when the installer is available for download. Refer to 2020 State Reporting Releases for release dates.



Release Note

PSSR-224930Reordering of Fields in State Section of Student Enrollment PagesState Reporting Section on the student Transfer Info, Create New Enrollment, Re-enrollment and Enroll New Student Pages are grouped and ordered by the template for which the fields are being stored/collected to aid in ease of data entry maintenance.
PSSR-228689Re-write PA Secure ID on SRP PlatformPA Secure ID: Version 1.0
A new version of the PA Secure ID report is added to replace the 'PA Secure ID - RE' reporting engine report. Writing the report on the SRP platform allows the report to be scheduled to run. The new version of the report uses the same selection criteria and logic, and generates an output file in the same text format. The reporting engine report is moved under under Legacy Section.
PSSR-232173Update: Dual Credit Course Value Display on Edit Courses Page

The display of values in the pop-up for course codes on the Edit Courses page is updated for Dual Enrollment Courses.  When the "Course Codes" link is selected, the pop-up displays new values for Dual Enrollment courses in their respective ##990 format. 

PSSR-233221Student Calendar Identifier Value Displays No Values for Some DistrictsThe display pages for the Current and Previous Enrollment are updated to allow the calendar identifier field to display without error when double quotes are included in the calendar description.
PSSR-233621Load Health Data Lookup Codes to CodeSets to support PS

For customers on PS 20.4.0 and higher, Office Visits uses the CodeSets table to load the values in drop-downs.  As a result, previous Office Visits codes used for SHARRS along with other user defined codes entered at the District Office are migrated to CodeSets.  In addition, a script to load the setup for SHARRS codes into CodeSets at the District Office if they have not been previously created or to update the existing codesets that were migrated during the upgrade to PS 20.4.0 and display in an degraded format.  Note that the CodeSet values are loaded only for PS 20.4.0 version and higher.

PSSR-233622Update Office Visits Page for Sharrs_Report.html to support PS_20.4.0.0Due to coding changes to HealthOfficeVisit table schema in PS 20.4.0, the SHARRS UI page is updated to link data between PA_HEALTHVISITLOOKUP and PA_HEALTHOFFICEVISIT to ensure that the UI continues to display the office visits information in previous versions of PowerSchool.
PSSR-234501CTE Student Fact Template 2019-2020 UI Updates

The following changes are made for the student CTE tab:

1. CTE Program Performance Code is moved to "No Longer Collected' section.

2. Added the following fields:

  • Perkins Concentrator
  • Perkins Participant
  • Simulated Work Environment
  • Certificate of Apprenticeship
  • Degree Awarded
  • Adult Cumulative Credit Equivalency

3. The following fields have been moved from 'CTE Student Industry Credential' section to the CTE Student Fact' section:

  • PELL Grant Indicator
  • POS Task List completion Indicator

4. The following Y/N fields have their description updated to display in the format Y - Yes:

  • POS Task List completion Indicator
  • Academic Instruction Code
  • CTE Program Performance Code
  • PELL Grant Indicator

5. The following changes are made for the State Assessments tab:
'Assessment Participation Code' renamed to PSSA/PASA ASSESSMENT.
Its values descriptions has been updated as follows:

  • (A) PASA, no PASA precode label
  • (B) PSSA, receive precode label
  • (M) PASA Online Testing, no label required
  • (N) PSSA Online Testing, no label required
PSSR-234503Student Template 2019-2020: EOY Updates

Student Template/Snapshot: Version 4.2
The template is updated to display and extract data as required for the following fields:
Field 111 Homeless Student
Field 112 Migrant Student
Field 166 Out of Work Individual
Field 209 Foster Student

The headers for fields 212, 214, 215, 216, 217 are renamed to display as PSSA / PASA Assessment, KEYSTONE WINTER Assessment, KEYSTONE SPRING Assessment, KEYSTONE SUMMER Assessment, AUN of Enrollment.

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