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State Reporting Release Notes

A release announcement will be posted on PowerSchool Community when the installer is available for download from PowerSource.

For release dates, refer to 2020 State Reporting Releases.

ReferenceSummaryRelease Note
PSSR-223556Header Update for School Enrollment Template

PIMS School Enrollment Template: Version 2.0
The header row of the template is updated to reflect the changes identified in the 2019-20 PIMS manual:

  • District Code changed to Reporting AUN
  • Location Code changed to School Number
  • StudentID changed to PASECUREID
PSSR-225328Incident Load Code Script Update for Weapons Codes

The Load Codes/Sub-Codes script is updated to include the new state Weapons Code changes for the 2019-20 submission year. The following sub-codes are added under 'Illegal Possession of a Weapon^' after navigating to District Office > District Info and running the Load/Sub-Codes script.

1 - BB or Pellet Gun^
2 - Cutting Instrument^
3 - Knife^
4 - Handgun - Manual^
5 - Handgun - Semi or Automatic^
6 - Rifle - Manual^
7 - Rifle - Semi or Automatic^
8 - Shotgun - Manual^
9 - Shotgun - Semi or Automatic^
10 - Explosive^
99 - Other Weapon^

Note: Once the script is initiated from the District Office, it will run in the background at the top of the hour. Alternatively, PowerSchool can be restarted.

PSSR-224825New - Incident Offender Infraction Weapon Template

Incident Offender Infraction Weapon Template: Version 1.0
A new template is created that reports incidents where the Offender has a weapon attribute. The template connects a weapon to the offender and infraction of an incident. If multiple weapons are associated with the incident/offender, the template extracts a record for each weapon type for the same Incident ID and Offender ID. The template includes the following columns: Submitting_District_Code, Incident_ID, Offender_ID, Infraction_Code, School_Year_Date, Weapon_Code, Weapon_Count
Note: The correct setup for Object Codes/Sub-Codes at the District Office is required prior to creating incidents and can be completed using the Load Codes/Sub-Codes script.

PSSR-224393Pages Updated for Better Performance and Standards

The following pages are updated for better performance and to meet standards:

  • Start Page > Special Functions > Enroll New Student
  • Start Page > Student Selection > Functions > Create New School Enrollment
  • Start Page > Student Selection > Functions > Re-Enroll Student
  • Start Page > Student Selection > Functions > Transfer Student Out
PSSR-224115Pages Updated for Better Performance and Standards

The following pages are updated for better performance and to meet standards:

  • Start Page > Reports > Reports (State Reports) > CRDC Report
  • sr-legacy\usa_pa\admin\reports\reportsdk\runstatereportruntimeparams2.displayMigWarningCRDC.content.footer.txt

In addition, the table migration validation warning message has been removed.

PSSR-226245Table 9A - Error message 'ORA-01438' When Student_Number Is >10 Characters

Table 9A Report: Version 1.6
The Table 9A report is updated to complete without error if the student has a [Students]Student_Number with more than 10 characters.

PSSR-224394Update Staff and School Pages for Better Performance

The following pages were updated to improve performance:

  • Start Page > Staff > Select A Staff Member > Edit Information > Staff Development / District Fact Records
  • Start Page > School Setup > SHARRS Data - Contacts > Edit SHARRS Data - Contact

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