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Required Calculation Methods for Staff Student Subtest Template

In the PVAAS Roster System, field #10 - Percent of Shared Instruction (Instructional Responsibility) and field #11 - Percent of Concurrent Enrollment are multiplied together to calculate total instructional responsibilities. However, there are scenarios when the value in field #10 does not represent what is entered in PowerSchool. This issue occurs when a teacher has more than one record where the teacher, student, and subtest identifier are the same. In this case, you must combine these records into one record.

Below is an example, from the PIMS help desk, of how this data is summed together:

In the below example the class has 60 school days

Mrs. Jones teaches for the first 40 days at 100%.
A co-teacher is added to the class with 20 days left in the class, changing Mrs. Jones percent of instruction to 50% for that period of time (20 days)

40 days out of a 60 day long class is = 2/3 of the class
2/3 * 100% (responsibility) = 66%

20 days out of a 60 day long class is = 1/3 of the class
1/3 * 50% (responsibility) = 16.7%
66% + 16.7% = 83% is the total Instructional Responsibility where Mrs. Jones has two records for the same subtest and same student. 

The co-teacher for this class only has one record. Column #10 for the co-teacher would be extracted with a value of 50%

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