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Excluding Students from a Teacher-Student PVAAS Relationship

  1. On the start page, choose a school from the main menu. In the left hand menu click on School Setup, the School setup page appears.
  2. Under the Scheduling header click on Sections. Select a section where students need to be excluded from having a record on the Staff Student Subtest template. These only needs to be applied to those courses and or sections where a Keystone Subtest Identifier or PSSA Subtest Identifier has been applied.

Example Scenarios for excluding students:

Question: Should a student who is retaking an assessment be included in the Staff Student Subtest Template?

Answer: A student gets a record in the report if they are retaking a PSSA test, where the student repeats a grade. A student should have a record for a retake of the Keystone only if the student retakes the course.

Question: Should a student have a record when he/she has passed the assessment previously but failed the class?

Answer: A student gets a record for a retake of the Keystone only if the student retakes the course. A student does not retake the assessment once it has been passed. In fact, a student is not allowed to retake an assessment once he/she has passe.



Students to Exclude from Staff Student Subtest Report (PVAAS)

Use this link to exclude students from the Staff Student Subtest Extract. These students should not have a teacher – student relationship in the PVAAS system.

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