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Attendance Tracking Methods - District Setup

The PDE does not define an Unlawful Absence threshold policy at the state level; therefore, each district must determine their own Unlawful Absence threshold. The following provides steps for how to correctly set up Attendance Tracking Methods at the district. A percent tracking method is a required ATN data element.

  1. Sign in to the District Office.
  2. Under Attendance, click Attendance Tracking and Notification.
  3. Click Tracking Methods. The Attendance Tracking and Notification page appears.
  4. Click New and from the pop-up menu select >
  5. For Name, choose Percent from the drop-down list
  6. For Threshold, enter your district's Unlawful Absence threshold. The percent method is calculated as greater than or equal to the threshold. See the below example of how to determine your Unlawful Absence Threshold.
  7. Click Submit.

Example A: John has 6 periods on Monday > the percent threshold for the Division is 50%. He had 4 Unlawful Absence periods. This day counts as an unexcused day.

Example B: John has 6 periods on Monday > the percent threshold is 50% > he had 3 Unlawful Absence periods > this day is not an unexcused day.

Example C: The attendance policy at your District is that a student is counted as Unlawfully Absence for the day once they have missed 100% of the day. Set your percentage threshold at 99%.

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