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System Setup


The following data elements are required for system setup. The first two pages of navigation are removed for brevity:

Start Page > System Setup.

On the Start Page, click System. The System Setup page appears.

Data Element

Additional Information



Used in these Reports

Defining Staff Roles

Roles Administration > Co-Teaching

PowerSchool includes five predefined co-teaching roles. These roles may be used by the district and/or other local role names may be defined. The Co-Teaching Roles setup screen includes a number of security, access and display settings that are not used in state reports.

State reports will use the Reference Code field to determine a teacher's inclusion in relevant state reports. All other Role field values are up to the discretion of district administrators.

Lead Teacher


Job Share Teacher

Teacher's Aide

Class Observer

Set preferences for all roles on this server.

If desired, update the Name field and/or Description field.

[ROLEAVAILABLEPROPERTYID]propname = 'com.pearson.powerschool.coteach.code'

Class Roster
Staff Asgnmt

Reference Code

For each co-teaching role that needs to be included in state reporting enter the value 'OR'.

Required: Include Reference Code of 'OR' to have Lead Teacher included in state reports.

Note: If some co-teachers should be includes in state reports but others should not, it is recommended you create another co-teacher with a more specific name, such as 'State Reportable Co-Teacher' and include Reference Code of 'OR' of this role.


Class Roster
Staff Asgnmt

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