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S_OR_USR_HQ_C (ver 15.10.3)

This table is a child of the [Users] table and stores information related to subject area qualifications for staff members.

Column Name


Data Type


ID15.10.3Number(11,0)Primary Key for this table.




Foreign key that relates the child table to the [Users] table.

EffectiveDate15.10.3DateFuture Use - The date this subject area qualification becomes applicable for the subject area.
ExpirationDate15.10.3DateFuture Use - The date this subject area qualification ends and no longer applies to the subject area.
HQPlanCmnt15.10.3Varchar2(200)Comment describing the plan intended to make this teacher Highly Qualified for this course.  Also used to explain why Reason Not Highly Qualified Code 9 (Other) was selected.
HQStatusCd15.10.3Varchar2(2)Code indicating the District determination of Highly Qualified Status for the staff member in the specific Subject Area.
HQStatusCmnt15.10.3Varchar2(200)Comments describing the Highly Qualified Status of the staff member.
HQStatusCmntCd15.10.3Varchar2(2)Code describing the Highly Qualified Status of the staff member.
RsnNotHQCd15.10.3Varchar2(2)Code indicating the reason the staff member teaching courses in this Subject Area is not Highly Qualified.
SubjAreaID15.10.3Number(11,0)Foreign Key that links this table to the [S_OR_CourseSubjArea_S] table.
TSPCHQFg15.10.3Varchar2(2)Flag documenting if TSPC records indicate a licensed/endorsed status for this staff member and Subject Area.

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