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S_ON_TLA_C ver 17.9.0

This table is a child table of S_ON_SSF_Educator_Assign_C and stores Temporary Letters of Authorization

Column NameVersionData TypeDescription




Record ID. Migrated from [ON_TLA.unique_ID].

SchoolID17.9.0Number(11,0)School ID. Migrated from [ON_TLA.schoolID].
foreignKey17.9.0Number(11,0)Reserved for future use. Migrated from [ON_TLA.foreignKey].
foreignKey_alpha17.9.0Varchar2(31)Reserved for future use. Migrated from [ON_TLA.foreignKey_alpha].
Non_Teaching_Flag17.9.0Varchar2(1)Non Teaching Flag. Migrated from [ON_TLA.user_defined_text].
Subject_Type17.9.0Varchar2(5)Subject Type. Migrated from [ON_TLA.user_defined_text2].
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