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This table is a child table of Students and stores Student Special Education segment information.

Column Name


Data Type




Primary key



Primary key that relates the extended table to the [Students] table

Academic_Year char)

The academic year of the submission

Action20.10.2.0Varchar2(6 char)This is the action associated with this submission
Valid values: ADD, UPDATE
BSID20.10.2.0Number(11)Board School Identification number
Exceptionality_Type20.10.2.0Varchar2(6 char)Used to uniquely identify the special education
Individual_Edu_Plan_Flag20.10.2.0Varchar2(6 char)Flag indicator for individual education plan
IPRC_Review_Date20.10.2.0DateIdentification, Placement and Review Committee date
IPRC_Student_Flag20.10.2.0Varchar2(1 char)

Flag indicator for identification, placement and review committee

Main_Exceptionality_Flag20.10.2.0Varchar2(1 char)Flag indicator for Special education funding
Non_Identified_Student_Flag20.10.2.0Varchar2(1 char)

Flag indicating if student is non-identified

Special_Edu_Plmnt_Type20.10.2.0Varchar2(6 char)Special education placement type
Submission_Period_Type20.10.2.0Varchar2(20 char)

Submission period type

WhoCreated20.10.2.0Varchar2(100 char)Who created the record
WhenCreated20.10.2.0Timestamp(6)When record was created
WhoModified20.10.2.0Varchar2(100 char)Who modified the record
WhenModified20.10.2.0Timestamp(6)When was the record modified
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