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S_ON_STU_FrenchCards_C ver

This table is a child table of Students and stores French Card information.

Column Name


Data Type




Primary key



Primary key that relates the extended table to the [Students] table



For report generated data, Year ID will have the  [Terms] table yearID for the Year

SchoolID19.5.1.0Number(11)For report generated data and for user entered data, School ID will have the [Schools] table school_number
YearPercentage19.5.1.0Number(11)Year Percentage is derived and based on percent of Days Enrolled to Total In Session Days for class.
SchoolYearStart19.5.1.0Varchar2(4)For user entered data, School Year Start should be the start of the school year for data entered (format YYYY)
SchoolYearEnd19.5.1.0Varchar2(4)For user entered data, School Year End should be the end of the school year for data entered (format YYYY)
SchoolName19.5.1.0Varchar2(60)For user entered data, the School Name can be entered
GradeLevel19.5.1.0Number(11)Grade Level - report generated from [Students/Reenrollments] table grade_level
GradeLevelUser19.5.1.0Varchar2(10)Grade Level - user entered.  This can be one grade or a range of grades.

For report generated data, Lang_Pgm_Type[S_ON_CRS_X/S_ON_SEC_X]

For user entered data, valid values are C, E, I, N and X (French Exempt)

CCDCID19.5.1.0Number(11)Primary key that relates the extended table to the CC table
SpenrollmentsDCID19.5.1.0Number(11)Primary key that relates the extended table to the Spenrollments table
FrenchExemptFlag19.5.1.0Number(1)Flag indicating whether student is French Exempt.
EnrollmentSource19.5.1.0Varchar2(1)For report generated data, EnrollmentSource indicates data coming from Students table / reenrollments table if values are 'S' and 'R' respectively
EnrollmentID19.5.1.0Number(11) For report generated data, EnrollmentID[Students]/RecordID[Reenrollments]
ClassProgramStartDate19.5.1.0DateFor report generated data, Enter_Date[spEnrollments]/ DateEntered[CC]
ClassProgramEndDate19.5.1.0DateFor report generated data, Exit_Date[spEnrollments]/DataLeft[CC]
Subjects19.5.1.0Varchar2(4000)Derived list of unique Subjects where the Sections language of instruction is set to French, not including the subject of French.  The list is comma delimited.

When Report Generated, Hours is derived based on Days Enrolled and Minutes of Instruction for the Language Program Type.  Format: round to one decimal place

When User entered data, Hours can be entered by the user.  Format with one decimal place.


For report generated data, 'R'

For user generated data, 'U'

LockStatus19.5.1.0Number(1)Flag indicating whether record is locked
BoardName19.5.1.0Varchar2(20)districtnumber [Prefs] or anything entered on report UI
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