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S_ON_SEC_X ver 14.7.0

This table is an extension of the [Sections] table.

Column Name


Data Type





Primary key that relates the extended table to the [Sections] table




Continuing Education Register Code

Previous_Year_Class14.8.0Varchar2(1)Previous Year Class Flag
Course_Offering14.8.0Varchar2(2)Continuing Education Register Course Offering Code
ConEd_Course_Type14.8.0Varchar2(2)Continuing Education Register Course Type (not used as of ver 15.3.0)
ConEd_CompleteCrsLessons14.8.0Number(11,0)Continuing Education Register Number Of Lessons/Work Units for a Completed Course
SmallClassAdjustmentEligible14.9.0Varchar2(1)Continuing Education Register Eligible for Small Class Adjustment Flag


Independent Study Number of Scheduled Teacher Contact Sessions (required to complete course) - drop-down with range of 10 to 30

Independent Study Duration of each Scheduled Teacher Contact session (minutes)

IS_WorkUnitsCompleteCrs14.10.1Number(11,0)Independent Study Number of Work Units (required to complete course) - drop-down with range of 1 to 30
IsIndependentStudy_Class15.1.1Varchar2(1)Independent Study Class flag for the purposes of the class based registers and independent study ADE calculation
ConEd_DeliveryCode15.2.0Varchar2(1)Continuing Education Register Delivery Code
ConEd_InternationalLanguage15.3.0Varchar2(3)Continuing Education International Language Code
ConEd_SectionStartDate16.3.0DateContinuing Education Class Start Date
ConEd_SectionEndDate16.3.0DateContinuing Education Class End Date
Campus16.3.0Varchar2(20)Campus Number. Migrated from [Sections.ON_Campus].
Class_Code16.3.0Varchar2(25)Class Code. Migrated from [Sections.ON_Class_Code].
Class_Name16.3.0Varchar2(80)Class Name. Migrated from [Sections.ON_Class_Name].
Class_Type16.3.0Varchar2(3)Class Type Code. Migrated from [Sections.ON_Class_Type].
Classroom_Type16.3.0Varchar2(3)Classroom Type Code. Migrated from [Sections.ON_Classroom_Type].
CombinedClass_Flag16.3.0Number(1,0)Combined Class Flag. Migrated from [Sections.ON_CombinedClass_Flag].
Delivery_Type16.3.0Varchar2(3)Delivery Type Code. Migrated from [Sections.ON_Delivery_Type].
Lang_Pgm_Type16.3.0Varchar2(1)Language Program Type Code. Migrated from [Sections.ON_Lang_Pgm_Type].
OtherLanguageDesc16.6.0Varchar2(100)A description identifying the 'other' language. This field is used when ConEd_InternationalLanguage has a value of 'OTH'.
TimeOfDayType16.6.0Varchar2(2)Time of Day for an International Language Elementary (ILE) class.
 ILE_ConEd_DeliveryCode16.12.1Varchar2(1)Continuing Education Register for International Language Elementary (ILE) Delivery Code
ConEd_SectionStartTime17.8.0Varchar2(10)Continuing Education Class Start Time
ConEd_SectionEndTime17.8.0Varchar2(10)Continuing Education Class End Time
ConEd_SectionInstrMinutes17.8.0Number(11,0)Continuing Education Total Instruction Minutes
OthCrsInfo_Cred_Recovery19.9.2.0VarChar2(10)Indicates whether course is Credit Recovery. Valid Values 1, NULL
OthCrsInfo_Ministry_Content19.9.2.0VarChar2(10)Indicates whether course is Ministry Developed Content. Valid Values 2, NULL
OthCrsInfo_UpgradCrdtCourse20.7.2.0VarChar2(10)Indicates whether course is Upgrading Credit Course. Valid Values 3, NULL
CalcRepeatsOnCrsNum20.11.2.0Number(1,0)Calculate Repeats on Course Number Flag.
OthCrsInfo_Online whether course is online. Valid Values 4, NULL
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