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S_ON_CC_X ver 14.10.0

This table is an extension of the [CC] table.

Column Name


Data Type





Primary key that relates the extended table to the CC table




Foreign key reference to Students table

WorkUnitsOctober14.10.0Number(11,0)Independent Study Number of Work Units Completed as of October 31st
WorkUnitsMarch14.10.0Number(11,0)Independent Study Number of Work Units Completed as of March 31st
WorkUnitsJune14.10.0Number(11,0)Independent Study Number of Work Units Completed as of June 30th
Previous_Year_Class15.7.0Varchar2(1)Flag indicating whether class is a continuation from the previous year
OCAS_Oct_ProjectedCourse15.9.0Number(1,0)Projected course flag for OCAS October transmission
OCAS_Nov_ProjectedCourse15.9.0Number(1,0)Projected course flag for OCAS November transmission
OCAS_Feb_ProjectedCourse15.9.0Number(1,0)Projected course flag for OCAS February transmission
OCAS_Apr_ProjectedCourse15.9.0Number(1,0)Projected course flag for OCAS April transmission
OUAC_TRN1_ProjectedCourse15.9.0Number(1,0)Projected course flag for OUAC transmission 1
OUAC_TRN1R_ProjectedCourse20.10.2Number(1,0)Projected course flag for OUAC Re-transmission 1
OUAC_TRN2_ProjectedCourse15.9.0Number(1,0)Projected course flag for OUAC transmission 2
OUAC_TRN3_ProjectedCourse15.9.0Number(1,0)Projected course flag for OUAC transmission 3
OUAC_TRN4_ProjectedCourse15.9.0Number(1,0)Projected course flag for OUAC transmission 4
NumberOfCompletedUnits15.12.0Number(11,0)Number Of Completed Work Units / Lessons Override
LNPG_Reference16.2.2Varchar(12)Literacy and Numeracy Parent/Guardian Reference Number
Transcript_A16.3.0Number(1,0)Alternative Expectations Note Flag. Migrated from [CC.ON_Transcript_A].
Transcript_B16.3.0Number(1,0)Transcript Credit Adjustment Note Flag. Migrated from [CC.ON_Transcript_B].
Transcript_C16.3.0Number(1,0)Co-op Note Flag. Migrated from [CC.ON_Transcript_C].
Transcript_F16.3.0Number(1,0)French Note Flag. Migrated from [CC.ON_Transcript_F].
Transcript_H16.3.0Number(1,0)Specialist High Skills Major (SHSM) Note Flag. Migrated from [CC.ON_Transcript_H].
Transcript_I16.3.0Number(1,0)Interdisciplinary Studies Note Flag. Migrated from [CC.ON_Transcript_I].
Transcript_M16.3.0Number(1,0)Modified Curriculum Note Flag. Migrated from [CC.ON_Transcript_M].
Transcript_P16.3.0Number(1,0)Private School Credit Note Flag. Migrated from [CC.ON_Transcript_P].
Transcript_S16.3.0Number(1,0)Special Circumstances Note Flag. Migrated from [CC.ON_Transcript_S].
Transcript_T16.3.0Number(1,0)Team Taught Dual Credit Note Flag. Migrated from [CC.ON_Transcript_T].
IsIndependentStudy_Class16.12.1Varchar2(1)Flag indicating whether a class is an independent study class.

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