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This is a Standalone  table

Column Name


Data Type





Primary key  - automatically generated 




[Terms] table yearID for the Year

System date from the day the report was run.

Effective_Date13.8DateThe date to which the report is effective.

The internal number for the student with which this High Credit record is associated.

Gr_Nine_Enroll_Date13.8DateThe date student entered 9th grade in an Ontario school if transferred in from another district
Exemption_Code13.8Varchar2(2) Exemption Code derived from Enrollment Fields. 
  • 00:Not exempt
  • 01:Pupil Within 4 years (Cohort Proxy)
  • 02:Student under age 18 as of Dec 31 of the school year (Age Proxy)
  • 03:Student is on an IEP
  • 04:Student is 21 or over as of Dec 31 of the school year
  • 05:Student not in day school
  • 06: Not a pupil of the board
Prior_Exempt_Cr13.8Number(3,1)Prior Exempt credits – Total of prior credits earned that are exempt because they are ESL, ELD, ALF, or PANA derived from Enrollment Fields
Current_Exempt_Cr13.8Number(3,1)Current Exempt credits – Total of current credits enrolled that are exempt because they are ESL, ELD, ALF, or PANA derived from Enrollment Fields
Prior_Non_Exempt_Cr13.8Number(3,1)Prior Non-Exempt Credits – The total number of non-exempt credits student has earned in Secondary School prior to the count date derived from Enrollment Fields
Curr_Non_Exempt_Cr13.8Number(3,1)Current Non-Exempt Credits – Total number of non-exempt credits the student is currently enrolled for on the count date derived from Enrollment Fields

Total non-exempt credits – Total of prior and current credits that are not exempt.

Current_Total_Cr13.8Number(3,1)Total current credits (exempt and non-exempt). derived from Enrollment Fields
High_Credits13.8Number(3,1) derived from Enrollment Fields
Regular_Credits13.8Number(3,1)The number of regular credits (Total [exempt and non-exempt] credits minus high credits) derived from Enrollment Fields

High credit factor (high credits divided by total [exempt and non-exempt] credits).

Total_Enrolled_Minutes13.8Number(10,0)Total enrolled minutes (minutes of instruction) as of the count date derived from Enrollment Fields
High_Credit_Minutes13.8Number(10,0)High credit minutes of instruction (total minutes times high credit proportion) derived from Enrollment Fields
Regular_Minutes13.8Number(10,0)Regular minutes of instruction (total minutes minus high credit minutes) derived from Enrollment Fields
Regular_FTE13.8Number(3,2)Regular Day School FTE derived from Enrollment Fields
Regular_ADE16.11Number(5,4)Regular ADE derived from Enrollment Fields

High credit Day School FTE derived from Enrollment Fields

High_Credit_ADE16.11Number(5,4)High credit ADE derived from Enrollment Fields
Attendance_Type22.8VARCHAR2(2)Determines if a student is full- or part-time derived from Enrollment Fields
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