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State Reporting Release Notes

A release announcement will be posted on PowerSchool Community when the installer is available for download. Refer to 2024 State Reporting Releases for release dates.



Release Note


All States/ Provinces: Enhancement of Field Lengths in Students and Courses Tables

Additional Reference: PSSR-342688, PSSR-339096

The field length of multiple fields has been increased for better usability. Impacted fields are associated with Student names' and course fields.

Note: This is not applied to South Carolina.


All States/Provinces: Digital Equity and Learning Search Update

The behavior of the Set Current Selection feature in the Digital Equity & Learning Preference search has been updated. When selecting 'Missing Student Records (Selected Year)' and choosing to display all students, the selected student now matches the student that opens from the results list, and the Set Current Selection functions as expected.


All States/Provinces: Student Incident Profile Report Updates

Student Incident Profile Report: Version 1.5

The Student Incident Profile Report has received the following updates:

  • The Student Incident Profile Report has been updated and no longer fails when the incident description exceeds 4000 characters. The report will now truncate incident descriptions exceeding 4000 characters.

  • The report has been updated to display Participant Attributes, Incident Attributes, and Action attributes.

  • The report has been updated to display accurate and non-duplicated attribute records for the selected student.

  • The report has been updated to extract the categories and their respective sub-categories/subcodes participant Attribute/Behavior/Action.


All States: CRDC 2021-2022 Report - DSED-2 Logic Update

CRDC 2021-2022 Report: Version 1.7

The CRDC Report 2021-2022 now accurately calculates DSED-2 distance education enrollment totals by resolving the issue of duplicating students who switched schools mid-year. This update ensures that the reported data reflects the correct enrollment figures for DSED-2 distance education.


Incident Management Setup for Harassment and Bullying

The Incident Management sub-codes required to capture Harassment and Bullying-related incidents for the Civil Rights Data Collection (CRDC) are now automatically seeded. The behavior codes display correctly in the Incident Management setup. These show under Bullying, Non-Sexual Harassment, Other Non-Sexual Harassment, and Sexual Harassment.

  • Basis of Disability (BOD)

  • Basis of Sex (BOS)

  • Basis of Religion (BOR)

  • Basis of Race, Color, or National Origin (BORCN)

  • Basis of Sexual Orientation (BSO)

Under the Basis of Religion (BOR) the following sub-codes:

  • (1) Atheist/Agnostic

  • (2) Buddhist

  • (3) Catholic

  • (4) Eastern Orthodox (Russian, Greek, Other)

  • (5) Hindu

  • (6) Islamic (Muslim)

  • (7) Jehovah’s Witness

  • (8) Jewish (Judaism)

  • (9) Mormon (Latter-day-Saint)

  • (10) Multiple Religions, Group

  • (11) Other Christian

  • (12) Other Religions

  • (13) Protestant

  • (14) Sikh


Update to the Edit Previous Enrollment Page

On the Edit Previous Enrollment page under the Oklahoma State Information section, the Leave Date displays correctly.

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