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S_OK_SSF_X (ver 15.8.0)

This table is an extension of the School Staff table.

Column Name


Data Type





Primary Key

Bilingual15.8.0Varchar2(3)Indicates if the staff is bilingual per state’s definition. Migrated from [SchoolStaff.OK_Bilingual].
CertificationNumber15.8.0Varchar2(6)Indicates the Teacher/Instructors certification number that is responsible for conducting the career major program. Migrated from [SchoolStaff.OK_CertificationNumber].
DirectoryListing15.8.0BooleanIndicates if the staff is to be included in the direct listing published by the state. Migrated from [SchoolStaff.OK_Directory_Listing].
GrdLvlTaught18.3.0Varchar2(50)Indicates the grade level(s) taught by the staff. Migrated from [SchoolStaff.OK_GrdLvlTaught].
IternTch15.8.0Varchar2(3)Indicates the itinerant teacher status for the staff assignment. Migrated from [SchoolStaff.OK_Itern_Tch].
JobEndDate15.8.0DateIndicates the staff's assignment end date for the current fiscal year. Migrated from [SchoolStaff.OK_Job_End_Date].
JobFunction15.8.0Varchar2(4)Indicates the staff's job function type for the current assignment. Migrated from [SchoolStaff.OK_Job_Function].
JobStartDate15.8.0DateIndicates the staff's assignment start date for the current fiscal year. Migrated from [SchoolStaff.OK_Job_Start_Date].
LanguageCode15.8.0Varchar2(3)Indicates the staff's primary language if they are bilingual. Migrated from [SchoolStaff.OK_Language_Code].
NAILanguage15.8.0Varchar2(2)Indicates the staff's NAI language if the Language Code is NAI. Migrated from [SchoolStaff.OK_NAI_Language].
PrgCd15.8.0Varchar2(2)Indicates the program code for the staff related to the Teaching Assignment area. Migrated from [SchoolStaff.OK_Prg_Cd].
PrimAssign15.8.0Varchar2(3)Indicates if this is the primary assignment for the staff. Migrated from [SchoolStaff.OK_Prim_Assign].
ProviderID15.8.0Varchar2(5)Indicates the Teacher/Instructors provider identification number that is responsible for conducting the career major program. Migrated from [SchoolStaff.OK_ProviderID].
TchAssignment15.8.0Varchar2(4)Indicates the teaching assignment area for the staff. Migrated from [SchoolStaff.OK_Tch_Assignment].



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