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PowerSchool SIF Oklahoma SMP Release Notes

A release announcement will be posted on PowerSchool Community when the installer is available for download. Refer to 2023 State Reporting Releases for release dates.



Release Note


Add English Learner – Intervention Strategies to StudentPersonal

English Learner – Intervention Strategies has been added as an extended element to StudentPersonal under the ELIS name. The value defaults to NA if it is blank.


Publish Default Values on StudentPersonal

The OK SMP now defaults the value of Homeless to No and the value of the Homeless Nighttime Residence to Not Identified as Homeless. This corrects the consistency when entering a new student and just saving the Compliance page.


Publish PT Days as 360 Minutes

When the calendar type is Parent Teacher (PT), the daily minutes always publish as 360 minutes regardless of the bell schedule minutes assigned to the day.


Publish Unexcused Data on StudentDailyAttendance

StudentDailyAttendance now reviews the Attendance Tracking and Notification (ATN) data for Unexcused Absences. If a date shows as an Unexcused Absence in ATN, the attendance code shows as being unexcused.


Reduce Data for StudentAcademicRecord

The state has requested that we reduce the amount of data published in the StudentAcademicRecord to help performance. Now, the student’s grade data is sent only if the class taken is grade 8 or above.


Update Membership Type for StudentSchoolEnrollment

For Membership Type on StudentSchoolEnrollment, the state has requested that we publish this as Concurrent when the Basis of Admissions is one of the following: BORDER-NR, CHSP, COOP, COOPVOFF, COOPVON, NRISP, RBD, RBDTD, RISP, or TO.


Update StudentPersonal with GPA and Class Rank Data

GPA and Class Rank data now publishes on StudentPersonal for students in grade 7 and above. Weighted and Unweighted GPA is based on the GPA Methods selected on the School Record. NA is published if no record exists or the grade level is below 7.

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