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Understanding Attendance Calculations for FS HB410



Several areas of PowerSchool must align to ensure accurate calculation of daily and meeting attendance.  School calendars, the Organization General Information record, Attendance Patterns and Attendance setup all play a role in accurate attendance calculation.

School Calendars

School calendars must be set up to accurately reflect the various student attendance pattern situations.  See Associating EMIS Membership Types to Calendar Membership Types for more information.

Local Attendance Patterns

The local attendance patterns must be properly created and align with a corresponding Organization General Information (DL) record.  See Creating Local Attendance Patterns for more information.

Attendance Setup

Attendance set up must be completed in order for attendance to calculate properly.

Attendance Code Categories

At a minimum the school must have an attendance code category that lists Excused as the name of the category and Excused as the code.  This is case sensitive (excused or ex is not the same as Excused).  Each Attendance Code that represents an excused absence (including Tardy) must have the Excused category checked.  Any Attendance Code that is not marked as Excused in the Code Category will be considered Unexcused.




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