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State Reporting Release Notes

A release announcement will be posted on PowerSchool Community when the installer is available for download. Refer to 2023 State Reporting Releases for release dates.



Release Note


  All States/Provinces: CRDC School Submission File Update

If a school has no out-of-school suspensions to report, the following columns will be populated with a value of zero:





All States/Provinces: Immunization Rules Engine Update

The immunization rules engine can now compare immunization dose dates and the number of doses a student has received to date fields in Core and extended tables (Student.EntryDate, for example)

Note: Immunization rules must be updated to utilize this new functionality.


All States/Provinces: Null Pointer Exception Error When Saving Vaccine Dose Data

Student dose data is now saved in the Nightly Batch process. This will prevent users from receiving the null pointer exception error when entering (and saving) vaccination dose data.


All States/Provinces: Attendance Profile Report Cannot be Run Successfully For More Than 1000 Students

Attendance Profile Report: Version 1.7

The Attendance Profile now has a maximum limit of 200 students per report run.


(DT) District Testing Moved to Obsolete

The (DT) District Testing Record is moved to Obsolete per the Ohio Department of Education for FY24 on.


(FB) Student Acceleration Record Update

The new Subject Area Code for all subjects is added to the (FB) Student Acceleration Record. The Accelerated Level Count is removed as well per the Ohio Department of Education.


(FD) Student Attribute Update

The (FD) Student Attribute Record is updated per the Ohio Department of Education removing the Trial Mainstream option for the English Learner Status element. The Foreign Exchange Student Element is updated adding the option of Y-Student is a foreign exchange student and removal of options L, N and S.


(FP) Transportation Moved to Obsolete

The (FP) Transportation Record is moved to Obsolete per the Ohio Department of Education for FY24 on.


Enhanced Menu Updates

The Enhanced Menu in PowerSchool version 23.6 now displays the Ohio State Information as expected on the District Info and Attendance Codes.


Grade Level Enhancement

You will now be directed to the State/Province-OH screen (FD) Student attribute tab when making changes on the Transfer Info screen to the student’s grade level.


Reporting Bundle Improvement

State Reporting Bundles have been improved removing subsets no longer needed.


School Re-Enrollment Enhancement

You will now see a warning upon re-enrollment into school to check for needed updates to state reporting.


State Information is Missing State Fields When on Core

State Information sections on several pages which were missing State Fields when PowerSchool SIS had been applied now have these fields appearing again.


State/Province-OH Screen Improvement

You can now see improved load times for the (FD) Student Attribute and (FS) Student Standing tabs of the State/Province-OH screens. The building names will now display as expected on history records as well.


Truancy/Chronic-OH Mass Print

You can now mass print the Truancy/Chronic-OH screen for students.


Update AppConfig

You will no longer have null values in the AppConfig for GI and GG snapshot records.

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