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State Reporting Release Notes

A release announcement will be posted on PowerSchool Community when the installer is available for download. Refer to 2021 State Reporting Releases for release dates.



Release Note

PSSR-257645All States/Provinces: Office Visit Clinic Log Update for Multi-Select Fields in PowerSchool 21.4

Office Visit Clinic Log Report: Version 1.1
As the fields listed were changed to multi-select in PowerSchool version 21.4, the Office Visit Clinic Log is updated to handle multiple saved values for the Outcome field.
The report works as expected for districts that upgrade to PowerSchool version 21.4 as well as previously supported versions of PowerSchool.

  • Assessment
  • Visit Reason
  • Visit outcome
  • Procedure
  • Treatment
PSSR-240762(EOY) End of Year State Update

The (EOY) End of Year State Update process is updated for the 2021 fiscal year. Additions to the process include:

  • New fields introduced in FY21 are added to the appropriate Snapshots
  • A new checkbox is added to provide users with the option to choose whether or not to clear the Area of Concentration on the (FN) tab
  • A Select All checkbox is added to the (EOY) End of Year State Update page under the Report Parameter header to allow users to choose all updates
    The process properly clears and/or updates fields in extended schema tables as described in the Ohio Online Documentation > State Reporting Setup > End of Year (EOY) State Reporting Processes
PSSR-259858(FA) Student Assessment Record - DRP Assessment Results (GD)

(FA) Student Assessment Record: Version 4.0
These changes are made to the (FA) Student Assessment Record related to reporting assessment results for the Dropout Prevention and Recovery (DPR) Assessments:

  • The label for the assessment is changed to (GD) STAR (formerly NWEA MAP) on the FA tab.
  • The score field accepts four digits. The format should be 0600-1400.
  • The Ohio Department of Education has instructed vendors to report a three-digit score on the FA Assessment Report, by lowering the score entered in PowerSchool by 500 points. Please refer to the Ohio EMIS Manual Section 2.8: Student Assessment (FA): Version 11.6 for details.
PSSR-252168(FA) Student Assessment Record-Update

Additional Reference: PSSR-250506
(FA) Student Assessment Record: Version 4.0
These changes are made to the (FA) Student Assessment Record:

  • New selection rules are added to select assessments that align with the report start and end dates. The report no longer includes assessments from outside the report start and end dates for collections other than graduate reporting. Graduate reporting still includes all tests related to graduation regardless of the test date. Users should expect to see a drop in the number of records in this report.
  • Functionality was added for sub-districting to include assessment records that fall within a student's enrollment dates.
  • (GY) CTE Technical Assessment records are added to the Graduate (G) reporting period.
PSSR-256548FA Tab-Update

Additional Reference: PSSR-254885PSSR-261765PSSR-261780
These changes are made to the State/Province-OH page FA tab:

  • The grade level at the time of the test is displayed on the FA tab.
  • The page now displays all columns when filtering to a specific test. The page no longer omits a column for some tests.
  • Assessment Area CA02 (GW Test Type) is changed from obsolete to valid based on an Ohio Department of Education change.
  • The GX Test Type label is updated to match the Ohio Department of Education description. The label now reads (GX) High School Alternate Assessment (also used for Ohio Graduation Test).
PSSR-258999Update FA Import - Add Import for ACT Roster View (.csv) File

You can now import ACT results from a .csv file. This file is available from the ACT vendor. For best results, add these fields to the ACT Roster View download:

  • Gender
  • Grade
  • State ID
    When downloading, the file should only be opened in a text editor to preserve formatting. Opening the file in a spreadsheet can cause changes to the data, which causes the import to fail. The Roster View file can contain both state and national test results, it does not differentiate between the two administrations. If a student takes both the state and national tests in the same month, then both records are imported. Users need to add the test day to the FA record to avoid errors in state reporting. Any record that already exists in PowerSchool is ignored. You can still use the .txt file format for state results, if desired.
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