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State Reporting Release Notes

A release announcement will be posted on PowerSchool Community when the installer is available for download. Refer to 2020 State Reporting Releases for release dates.



Release Note

PSSR-252166(FF, FG) Student Contact Record with Core Power School Contacts - Update

(FF, FG) Student Contact Record with Core Power School Contacts: Version 3.03
The report now returns one record when you run the report at the district level. The report no longer returns multiple records when ran from the district level.

PSSR-243835(GC) Student Graduation Core Record and (GC) Student Graduation Core Detail Extract - Update

(GC) Student Graduation Core Record: Version 2.08
(GC) Student Graduation Core Detail Extract: Version 1.02
The Ohio Department of Education has added new requirements for the (GC) Student Graduation Core Record. The reports are updated and new fields added to accommodate these new requirements as follows:

  • The report parameters for both reports associated with reporting Graduation Core data now allows the user to select the S reporting period to collect data for the Current Graduation Credit Progress Collection.
  • The Edit Stored Grades page includes the new Core Area Override field that allows users to select the new Core Area Codes TEL, TEM, or TES.
  • The Edit Enrollment Record page includes the new Core Area Override field that allows users to select the new Core Area Codes TEL, TEM, or TES.
    Users should reference the Ohio EMIS Manual for specific rules regarding these new Core Area Codes.
PSSR-248914Clock In/Clock Out Report Update

Clock In / Clock Out Report: Version: 1.1

The Clock In/Clock Out Report has been updated and will report multiple Time In and Time Out values, on a single day, if they exist.

PSSR-244300Contact Tracing Report Update - Incident Management Data Grouping

Contact Tracing Report Version: 1.3

The Contract Tracing report has been updated and can now pull data from Incident Management. When this data grouping is selected, the following points will be extracted:

  • Name
  • Student/Staff Indicator
  • Student Number
  • Grade Level
  • School Abr
  • Incident Date
  • Incident ID
  • Incident Title
  • Incident School Abr
  • Contact Name
  • Phone Number
PSSR-253272Graduation Pathways - Update

The Graduation Pathways page now returns the appropriate information for all areas. The page no longer returns incomplete information on some students.

PSSR-252421Pre-ID Ohio State Assessment Extract - Update

Pre-ID Ohio State Assessment Extract: Version 2.02
State/Province-OH Page Pre-ID Tab Field Added
Code Set Added
The Pre-ID requirements for Joint Vocational School Districts (JVSD) must include the student's home building IRN. To meet this requirement these updates are provided in this release:

  • A new Code Set is added for Home Building IRN. JVSDs can now create a list of their home school building IRNs.
  • A new field is added to the Pre-ID tab. You can enter the student's _Home Building IRN_on the Pre-ID tab from the drop-down list.
  • The Pre-ID Ohio State Assessment Extract now includes the Home Building IRN when the JVSD report parameter is set to yes.
PSSR-243873Student Birthday List Report Update

The list of students will now be returned if the user enters a start and end date that span multiple years.

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