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State Reporting Release Notes

A release announcement will be posted on PowerSchool Community when the installer is available for download. Refer to 2020 State Reporting Releases for release dates.

Minimum PowerSchool SIS version required to install SR

Before installing SR, verify that you are running one of the following versions of PowerSchool SIS.

  • PowerSchool SIS
  • PowerSchool SIS
  • PowerSchool SIS
  • PowerSchool SIS



Release Note

PSSR-246889Minimum PowerSchool Version for State Reporting -

As of November 25, 2020, PowerSchool State Reporting only supports PowerSchool or later, and our Technology and Support teams will focus solely on supporting PowerSchool versions or later.


CDC DTaP Rule Update

The minimum interval between the third and fourth DTaP dose is updated to four months. The interval is now reduced from six months to four months.


Contact Tracing Report Update - Busing Data

Contact Tracing Report: Version 1.1

The Contact Tracing report is updated and now pulls busing data based on a newly added report parameter.

With the busing data parameter checked, the report will pull students that may have shared the bus with the report the student is run for based on the following:

  • Bus Number

  • Route Number

  • Day

  • From/To School

PSSR-249737Graduation Pathways - Core Credits Section

The Core Credits section of the Graduation Pathways page now calculates high school credit without adding credit from the Dual Credit field. The page no longer adds dual credit to the calculations for Core Credits.

PSSR-250503Graduation Pathways - Page Print Update

The Graduation Pathways page now prints the full student line. The page no longer prints the student photo only.

PSSR-250272New Assessment Areas for (GW) CTE Industry Credential - Update FA Tab

The FA tab on the State/Province - OH page is updated to display all valid (GW) CTE Industry Credentials in the list of Assessment Areas based on the most recent Ohio Department of Education documentation.

PSSR-250994Pre-ID Ohio State Assessment Extract - Update

Pre-ID Ohio State Assessment Extract: Version 2.01
The report now replaces an asterisk in the middle name field with a blank space to meet the requirements for uploading the file to the state. The list of assessments no longer displays the Social Studies option for fourth grade and sixth grade since these assessments are no longer given.


Student Digital Equity and Learning Preference Tracking Available in the Public Portal

A new page is now available (if enabled) in the public portal that will enable parents and guardians to enter learning preference and digital equity data for their student or students.

This functionality is disabled by default. To enable, navigate to the following page:

  • Start Page> District Setup> Miscellaneous

If enabled, parents/guardians have the ability to create records and populate the following fields:

  • Effective Date

    • Defaults to the current date

  • Learning Preference

  • Requested Timeframe

  • Requesting Parent/Guardian

    • Defaults to the current user

  • Internet in Residence*

  • Internet Access*

  • Internet Performance*

  • Device Access*

    • Only display options 1, 2, & 5

The Comment field is not visible when a parent/guardian is creating a record but it will the following string will get saved for any record created in the public portal:

  • Created in the public portal

Additionally, if a parent/guardian has entered a Digital Equity & Learning Preference record previously and they create a new record, the above elements that are marked with an asterisk will be pre-populated based on the values in the existing (previous) record.

PSSR-251215Truancy & Chronic Absenteeism Summary Function - Updated

The function now returns records for students who have quotation marks in any of the name fields. The function no longer breaks when encountering quotation marks.

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