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S_OH_STU_SSID_X (ver 18.10.0)

This table is an extension of the [STUDENTS] table.

Column Name


Data Type


StudentsDCID15.10.0Number(10,0)Primary key that relates the extended table back to the Students table.
Birth_Place_City15.10.0Varchar2(30)The place/name where the student was born as it appears on the birth certificate or other approved document to a maximum of 30 characters.
Birth_Place_Zip15.10.0Varchar2(20)The zip code where the student was born as it appears on the birth certificate or other approved document.
Called_Name15.10.0Varchar2(100)The student's called name.
Country15.10.0Varchar2(100)The student's country of residence.
Existing_SSID15.10.0Varchar2(1)Indicates if the student may already have an SSID from a previous Ohio enrollment.
Given_Name15.10.0Varchar2(100)The legal name of the student.
Immunization_Dpt15.10.0DateIndicates the date of immunization for diphtheria.
Immunization_Mmr15.10.0DateIndicates the date of immunization for measles, mumps and rubella.
Immunization_Polio15.10.0DateIndicates the date of immunization for polio.
Include_In_SSID_Batch15.10.0Number(1,0)Indicates if the student is to be included in the SSID batch file.
IRN_Original_District15.10.0Varchar2(20)The IRN of the first Ohio public school the student attended.
IRN_Previous_District15.10.0Varchar2(20)The IRN of the last Ohio public school district the student attended.
Mother_Maiden_Name15.10.0Varchar2(100)Student's mother's maiden name.

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