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S_OH_SPENROLLMENTS_X (ver 15.10.0)

This table is an extension of the [SPENROLLMENTS] table.

Column Name


Data Type


SpEnrollmentsDCID15.10.0Number(10,0)Primary key.
Employee_ID_Program15.10.0Varchar2(20)Unique code assigned to the staff member.
Outcome_Begin_Date15.10.0DateThe date on which the outcome of the event became effective.
Outcome_End_Date15.10.0DateThe last day on which the outcome of the event will be effective.
Program_Provider_IRN15.10.0Varchar2(20)The district IRN of the entity in contract with the reporting school district.
Program__Record__Status15.10.0Varchar2(20)This field contains the program record status associated with the Special Program record, if the Special Program is not identified as a special education program. 
Secondary_Planning15.10.0Varchar2(20)The result of transition planning on the IEP for students age 14 and above.
SpecialEd_Date_Type15.10.0Varchar2(20)Used to indicate the type of date.
SpecialEd_Noncompliance_ID15.10.0Varchar2(20)Code identifier for the reason an event has not met federally mandated time lines.
SpecialEd_Outcome_ID15.10.0Varchar2(20)Identifies the outcome of an event.
Test_Type15.10.0Varchar2(20)The format of the test the student is required to take for all tests.
Extended_School_Year15.10.0Varchar2(1)Identifies if the Student qualifies for extended school year services per IEP.
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