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S_OH_SEC_X (ver 15.5.2)

This table is an extension of the Sections table.

Column Name


Data Type





Primary key that relates the extended table back to the Sections table.




Identifies a blocked scheduled section.

Course_Hours15.9.0Number(11,0)Hours per year that a teacher spends in instruction for the section.
Course_Lang15.9.0VarChar2(20)The language(s) used by the teacher when presenting to students.
Course_Type15.9.0VarChar2(20)The type of instructional program (Obsolete FY10).
Credit_Flex_Code15.9.0VarChar2(20)Identifies if the section is an approved credit flex section.
CTE_College_Credit15.9.0VarChar2(20)Indicates if a career-technical section provides an opportunity for students to earn college credit.
Curriculum15.9.0VarChar2(20)The curriculum source/model/program for a specific section.
Delivery_Method15.9.0VarChar2(20)Identifies the means by which instruction is provided/communicated to the student(s) in the section.
Educational_Option15.9.0VarChar2(20)Identifies the Educational Option status for a section.


A flag to identify sections to exclude from the (FR) Student Course Grade Record.
Exclude_From_Truancy17.11.0Number(1,0)A flag to identify sections to exclude time scheduled as absent from Ohio House Bill 410 absence time.
Teacher_Licensure_Course_(TLC)_IRN15.9.0VarChar2(20)IRN used to group sections for the calculations of the percentage of core courses taught by properly certified or licensed staff.
Location_IRN15.9.0VarChar2(20)The IRN of the building where the section is held.
Provider_IRN15.9.0VarChar2(20)The district IRN of the entity in contract with the reporting school district.
Semester_Code15.9.0VarChar2(20)The length of time, in weeks or semesters, that the section is taught.
State_ExcludeFromReporting15.9.0Number(1,0)A flag to identify sections that are not EMIS reportable.
Student_Population15.9.0VarChar2(20)Identifies the attributes of the group of students for which the section is intended.
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