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S_OH_SEC_SecTchrs_C ver 17.8.0

This table is a child table of the [SECTIONS] table.

Column Name


Data Type


Unique_ID17.8.0Number(11)ID associated with the record. Migrated from [OH_SecTchrs.unique_ID].
ForeignKey17.8.0Number(11)Sections ID associated with the record.  Migrated from [OH_SecTchrs.foreignkey].


Date teacher stopped teaching the class. Migrated from [OH_SecTchrs.user_defined_date2].
Teacher_Licensure_Course (TLC)_irn17.8.0Varchar2(6)IRN responsible for the Staff Provider of the teacher. Migrated from [OH_SecTchrs.HQT_IRN].


IRN of entity that employs the teacher. Migrated from [OH_SecTchrs.Provider_IRN].
SchoolID17.8.0Number(11)School associated with the section. Migrated from [OH_SecTchrs.schoolid].
Start_date17.8.0DateDate teacher started teaching the class. Migrated from [OH_SecTchrs.user_defined_date].
Teacher_ID17.8.0Number(11)Teacher ID. Migrated from [OH_SecTchrs.user_defined_integer].
Teacher_role17.8.0Varchar2(2)Code that describes the teacher's role.  Migrated from [OH_SecTchrs.user_defined_text2].

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