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S_OH_CONTACTS_S (ver 14.6.3)

This table is a standalone table that contains contact information.

Column Name


Data Type


ID 14.6.3 Number(11,0) Primary Key
EMAIL_HOME 14.6.3 VarChar2(60) Contact's home email address.
EMAIL_OTHER 14.6.3 VarChar2(60) Contact's other email address.
EMAIL_PERSONAL 14.6.3 VarChar2(60) Contact's personal email address.
EMAIL_WORK 14.6.3 VarChar2(60) Contact's work email address.
EMPLOYER 14.6.3 VarChar2(60) Contact's contact employer.
FIRST_NAME 14.6.3 VarChar2(45) Contact's contact first name.
GENDER 14.6.3 VarChar2(1) Contact's gender of contact.
MPORT_ ID14.6.3Number(11,0) ID created during the import of contact information from the contact conversion process.
JOB_TITLE 14.6.3 VarChar2(25) Contact's contact job title.
LAST_NAME 14.6.3 VarChar2(45) Contact's contact last name.
MAILING_ADDRESS_LINE_1 14.6.3 VarChar2(60) Contact's mailing address line 1.
MAILING_ADDRESS_LINE_2 14.6.3 VarChar2(60) Contact's mailing address line 2.
MAILING_ADDRESS_START_DATE14.7.2DateDate Mailing Address became effective.
MAILING_CITY 14.6.3 VarChar2(30) Contact's mailing address city.
MAILING_COUNTRY_CODE 14.6.3 VarChar2(2) Contact's mailing address country code.
MAILING_COUNTY_CODE 14.6.3 VarChar2(2) Contact's mailing address county code.
MAILING_POSTAL_CODE 14.6.3 VarChar2(11) Contact's mailing address postal code.
MAILING_STATEPROVINCE_CODE 14.6.3 VarChar2(2) Contact's mailing address state code.
MIDDLE_NAME 14.6.3 VarChar2(30) Contact's middle name.
OTHER_ADDRESS_LINE_1 14.6.3 VarChar2(60) Contact's other address line 1.
OTHER_ADDRESS_LINE_2 14.6.3 VarChar2(60) Contact's other address line 2.
OTHER_ADDRESS_START_DATE14.7.2DateDate Other Address became effective.
OTHER_CITY 14.6.3 VarChar2(30) Contact's other address city.
OTHER_COUNTRY_CODE 14.6.3 VarChar2(2) Contact's other address country code.
OTHER_COUNTY_CODE 14.6.3 VarChar2(2) Contact's other address county code.
OTHER_POSTAL_CODE 14.6.3 VarChar2(11) Contact's other address postal code.
OTHER_STATEPROVINCE_CODE 14.6.3 VarChar2(2) Contact's other address state code.
PHONE_CELL 14.6.3 VarChar2(20) Contact's cell phone.
PHONE_CELL_EXT 14.6.3 VarChar2(10) Contact's cell phone extension.
PHONE_HOME 14.6.3 VarChar2(20) Contact's home phone.
PHONE_HOME_EXT 14.6.3 VarChar2(10) Contact's home phone extension.
PHONE_OTHER 14.6.3 VarChar2(20) Contact's other phone.
PHONE_OTHER_EXT 14.6.3 VarChar2(10) Contact's other phone extension.
PHONE_WORK 14.6.3 VarChar2(20) Contact's work phone.
PHONE_WORK_EXT 14.6.3 VarChar2(10) Contact's work phone extension.
PHYSICAL_ADDRESS_LINE_1 14.6.3 VarChar2(60) Contact's physical address line 1.
PHYSICAL_ADDRESS_LINE_2 14.6.3 VarChar2(60) Contact's physical address line 2.
PHYSICAL_ADDRESS_START_DATE14.7.2DateDate Physical Address became effective
PHYSICAL_CITY 14.6.3 VarChar2(30) Contact's physical address city.
PHYSICAL_COUNTRY_CODE 14.6.3 VarChar2(2) Contact's physical address country code.
PHYSICAL_COUNTY_CODE 14.6.3 VarChar2(2) Contact's physical address county code.
PHYSICAL_POSTAL_CODE 14.6.3 VarChar2(11) Contact's physical address postal code.
PHYSICAL_STATEPROVINCE_CODE 14.6.3 VarChar2(2) Contact's physical address state code.
PREFIX_NAME 14.6.3 VarChar2(6) Contact's name prefix.
SUFFIX_NAME 14.6.3 VarChar2(6) Contact's name suffix.

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