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This table is a standalone table and stores the relationship between the student and the contact record created in the [S_OH_CONTACTS_S] table.

Column Name


Data Type


ID14.6.3Number(11,0)Primary Key.
S_OH_CONTACTS_S_ID14.6.3Number(11,0)A foreign key link to S_OH_CONTACTS_S.ID.
STUDENTS_DCID14.6.3Number(11,0)A foreign key that relates the extended table to the [Students] table.
CANPICKUP14.6.3VarChar2(1)Value is Yes if this contact is allowed to pick up the associated student.
CONTACT_SEQUENCE14.6.3Number(11,0)The numeric value of the sequence in which a contact is be contacted.
COPY_OF_CORRESPONDENCE14.6.3VarChar2(1)Value is Yes if this contact needs to receive mailings for the associated student.
CUSTODIAL_FLAG14.6.3VarChar2(1)Value is Yes if this contact is named the custodian for the associated student.
EMERGENCY_CONTACT14.6.3VarChar2(1)Value is Yes if this is an emergency contact for the associated student.
END_DATE14.6.3DateEnd date for when the data are no longer valid.
LEGAL_GUARDIANSHIP_FLAG14.6.3VarChar2(1)Value is Yes if this contact is named the legal guardian for the associated student.
NOTES14.6.3VarChar2(4000)Extended field to capture other information about the contact.
RELATIONSHIP_CODE14.6.3VarChar2(6)Used to define the relationship that exists between the student and the contact. Contact Relationship codes are defined by the state.
START_DATE14.6.3DateStart date for when the data are valid.

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