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AU_Log ver

An audit table to capture changes to the Log table. In order to generate data the plugin DCF: USA OH Audit must be enabled.

Column Name


Data Type


AUD_SEQ19.7.1.0Number(19)The system assigned number for the record.
Transaction_Date19.7.1.0TimeStamp(6)The date the change was made.
DML_Type19.7.1.0VarChar2(1)Indicates the type of change: update, insert or delete. Table values are saved as U, I, or D
DCID19.7.1.0Number(10)The DCID of the record that is changed.
ID19.7.1.0Number(10)The ID of the record that is changed.
O_ID19.7.1.0Number(10)The previous (old) ID for the record.
N_ID19.7.1.0Number(10)The new ID for the record.
IP_Address19.7.1.0VarChar2(39)The IP address associated with the computer from which this change was processed.
LogTypeID19.7.1.0Number(10)The Log Type ID associated with the record.
StudentID19.7.1.0Number(10)The student's ID.
WhoModifiedID19.7.1.0Number(10)The user ID of the person who made the change.
WhoModifiedType19.7.1.0VarChar2(1)The user type associated with the person who made the change. Table values are saved as A for Admin; T for Teacher; P for Parent; S for Student; U for Substitute; M for Maintenance and '?' for Unknown.

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