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Accessing Previous Years Student EMIS Data

The State/Province - OH page displays previous year student EMIS data based on the Term the user has set. For the Home, GI, FN, Gifted, and CRDC tabs, a message is displayed indicating the user is viewing data for the fiscal year related to the Term.  For example, if the user sets the Term to the 2018-2019, the Home tab displays a message that states "Editing data for the 2019 school year". To edit the data, the user clicks the "Edit History Record" button; this causes the fields to be open to edits. The user then clicks Submit to save the changes.

In cases where a student has no snapshot data for the Term set, a message displays "There is no snapshot for the XXXX year. Data for the current year is being displayed."  A snapshot cannot be created for the student after-the-fact.

The other tabs on the State/Province - OH page (FD, FS, FA, FB, FE and Contacts) are all date driven and do not require a snapshot and/or in the case of the FS and FD, the history displays in columns. 

Historical information is not required for the Pre-ID or SSID tabs.

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