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State Reporting Release Notes

A release announcement will be posted on PowerSchool Community when the installer is available for download. Refer to 2022 State Reporting Releases for release dates.



Release Note

PSSR-290279Ability to Include Partial Survey Records in the Student Digital Resource SFTP Extract.

Report Name: Student Digital Resources (SFTP)

Report Version: 1.5

Added a new option “Include partial records“ on the Student Digital Resource Report. When this option is selected, the Student Digital Resource Report will include all records that have the Survey Date and at least one survey question populated.

PSSR-290933Ability to save Partial Survey Results for Student Digital Resource Records

The data entry for Student Digital Resource Survey Fields is updated to allows the record to be saved as long as the Survey Date and at least one survey question are populated.

PSSR-286822District Location Code Does Not Appear In Student Detail Extract When NY_BEDS_Code Pref Is Capitalized Differently

Report Name: Student Class Grade Detail Extract (SFTP)
Report Version: 4.2

The District Code field in Student Class Grade Detail Extract (SFTP) report populated for all students regardless of the capitalization in the NY_BEDS_Code preference record.

PSSR-283652Incident Management - Hide Deprecated Codes

Deprecated values have been removed from the following Incident categories, ensuring that only valid values can be selected for new records. Previously, these codes were included under a row labeled -Do Not Use Codes Below ^ -.

  1. Behavior Codes
  2. Action Codes
  3. Object Codes
  4. Attribute Codes
  5. Location Code
  6. Time Frame
PSSR-288085NY 2021-2022 SSEC Format Changes

SSEC Summary Data Collection: Version 1.5

SSEC Summary Data Collection report has been updated with latest layout. The current version of the report is moved to the Legacy category in the state reporting page.

PSSR-291594Student Class Grade Detail Extract (SFTP): Inconsistent Field Header Formatting

Report Name: Student Class Grade Detail Extract (SFTP)
Report Version: 4.3

All field headers for the Student Class Grade Detail Extract (SFTP) Report now display in a consistent format, using capital letters.

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