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This table is an extension of the Students table and holds demographic information for students in New York.

Column Name


Data Type





Primary key and also the foreign key that relates the extension table to the [Students] table.




The code for the student's career path.

Homeless16.1.0NUMBER(1,0)Indicates if the student is homeless or not. Migrates from [Students]Homeless.
Immigrant16.1.0NUMBER(1,0)Indicates if the student is an immigrant or not. Migrates from [Students]Immigrant.
Migrant16.1.0NUMBER(1,0)Indicates if the student is considered a migrant or not. Migrates from [Students]Immigrant.
NighttimeResidence16.1.0VARCHAR2(1)Indicates a homeless student's nighttime living situation. Migrates from [Students]NighttimeResidence.
BirthCity16.1.0VARCHAR2(50)The city or town where the student was born. Migrates from [Students]NY_BirthCity.
BirthCountry16.1.0VARCHAR2(50)The country where the student was born. Migrates from [Students]NY_BirthCountry.
BirthRegion16.1.0VARCHAR2(50)The province or region where the student was born if born outside the U.S. Migrates from [Students]NY_BirthRegion.
BirthState16.1.0VARCHAR2(2)The state where the student was born, if the student was born in the United States. Migrates from [Students]NY_BirthState.
Delinquent16.1.0NUMBER(1,0)Indicates if the student is considered delinquent or not. Migrates from [Students]NY_Delinquent.
DistrictOfResidenceOverride16.1.0VARCHAR2(8)The student's overridden district of residence code. Migrates from [Students]NY_DOR_Override.
ELLDuration16.1.0NUMBER(11,0)The cumulative number of years the student has received LEP services. Migrates from [Students]NY_ELL_Length.
OriginCountry16.1.0VARCHAR2(4)The country the student emigrated from if identified as an immigrant and born outside the U.S. Migrates from [Students]NY_OriginCountry.
YearsInUSSchools16.1.0NUMBER(11,0)The number of years this student has attended a U.S school. Migrates from [Students]NY_YrsUSSchools.
Guidance_Counselor17.8.0NUMBER(11,0)Saves the ‘ID’ of the Counselors from S_NY_SCH_COUNSELOR_C table
County_Of_Residence17.8.0VARCHAR2(160)County of residence (Description stored in common code table)
Education_Level_Of_Parent17.8.0VARCHAR2(60)Education Level of Parent (Description stored in common code table)
Crisis_Impact_Code17.8.0VARCHAR2(80)Crisis Impact Code (Student Displaced By Disaster) (Description stored in common code table)
Crisis_Name17.8.0VARCHAR2(200)Crisis Name (Disaster Name) (Description stored in common code table)
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