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S_NY_SCH_Attendance_X (ver 17.4.0)

This table is an extension of the [Schools] table.

Column NameVersionData TypeDescription
ExcusedCodes17.4.0varchar2(4000 CHAR)

Migrated from [Schools]NY_CustomExcusedCd

ISSCodes17.4.0varchar2(4000 CHAR)Migrated from [Schools]NY_CustomISSCd
OSSCodes17.4.0varchar2(4000 CHAR)

Migrated from [Schools]NY_CustomOSSCd

TruancyCodes17.4.0varchar2(4000 CHAR)

Migrated from [Schools]NY_CustomTruancyCd

UnexcusedCodes17.4.0varchar2(4000 CHAR)Migrated from [Schools]NY_CustomUnexcusedCd
PresentCodes21.4.0varchar2(4000 CHAR)Added new code for Present
PresentCodes_Out21.9.1varchar2(4000 CHAR)Added new code for Present - OUT
TruancyCodes_Out21.9.1varchar2(4000 CHAR)Added new code for Tardy - OUT
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