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S_NY_REN_X (Ver 16.1.0)

This table is an extension of the [Reenrollments] table.

Column Name


Data Type





Primary key key that relates the extension table to the [Reenrollments] table.

ExcludeFromAttendance16.1.0NUMBER(1,0)If checked, the student is excluded from the AT-6 and SA-129 reports. Migrates from [Reenrollments]NY_ExcludeAttendance.
KindergartenCode16.1.0VARCHAR2(2)The type of kindergarten program this student is enrolled in, if applicable. Migrates from [Reenrollments]NY_Kindergarten.
LocationCode16.1.0VARCHAR2(6)The overridden local BOCES building code for this enrollment. Migrates from [Reenrollments]NY_LocationCode.
R4B_EnrollCode16.1.0VARCHAR2(4)Override code indicating the reason for beginning the enrollment if none of the standard entry codes apply. Migrates from [Reenrollments]NY_R4B_EnrollCode.
R4E_EnrollCode16.1.0VARCHAR2(4)Override code indicating the reason for ending the enrollment if none of the standard exit codes apply. Migrates from [Reenrollments]NY_R4E_EnrollCode.
SSE_GradeLevel16.1.0VARCHAR2(5)Override school enrollment grade level for the enrollment if none of the standard grade levels apply. Migrates from [Reenrollments]NY_SSE_GradeLevel.
State_ExcludeEnrollment16.1.0NUMBER(1,0)Indicates if the specific school enrollment should be excluded from state reporting. Migrates from [Reenrollments]State_ExcludeEnrollment.
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