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New York Start of Year Checklist

Use the following checklist to track your progress through the Start of Year tasks for New York State Reporting. Review updates and additional information in the PowerSchool Start of Year Guide.

District Setup

  • Review entry, exit, and ethnicity codes
  • Review Calendar Membership Type Codes
  • Review New York Discipline Codes and Subcodes Information 
  • Load new codes if applicable 
  • Review and update school information
  • Review and update any Assessment Course Associations
  • Update the default term level
  • Update course information
  • Review and update Grade Setup 

School Setup

  • Review Years & Terms
  • Review and update New York State Information
  • Marking Period Setup
  • Assessment Administration Dates
  • Review Periods and Cycle Days
  • Review Sections
  • Review and update Student/Teacher Weighting Records
  • Review Bell Schedule
  • Complete Calendar Setup
  • Pre-Register Students
  • Review Attendance Codes, Categories, and Conversions
  • Review full-time equivalencies

Staff Setup

  • Review staff member demographic information
  • Review and update ENYP Access Records information if applicable 
  • Update Staff Assignment records. 

Student Setup

  • Review student demographic information
  • Review school enrollment
  • Review and update any of the following New York State Screens
  • Demographics (Student Lite)
  • Program Services (Program Fact)
  • Assessments (Assessment Fact)
  • Miscellaneous
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