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GPA Method Setup

Create unique GPA Calculation Methods to generate each of the following values, as required for the Student Credit GPA extract:

  • Default GPA
  • Credits Attempted
  • Credits Earned

To set up a GPA method, complete the following steps. See figures 1-3 for examples of the methods listed above.

  1. From the District Office, navigate to GPA Calculations > Calculation Methods
  2. Click New. The New GPA Calculation Method page appears
  3. Enter values for the following fields:
    • Method Name
    • Description
    • Formula
    • Calculation Type – Select Cumulative
    • Grade Scale - Set to Default
    • Query Options
      • Term – Include all terms in which credit is awarded
      • Grade Levels - Optional
      • School Years – Leave blank
      • Credit Types – Optional
    • Only Include Grades
      • Narrows the selection of stored grade records used in each calculation. Select options as appropriate for your district.
    • Projected GPA Options – Leave blank
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